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Free Long Distance Calls: Is Your Smartphone Smart Enough to Do So?

March 19, 2014 by Soha Naveed

It speaks without saying anything. It follows your command without you shouting on it. It gives you the perfect directions to ways which you are unaware of. It even allows you to stay connected with your friends and family, without you making the most of the actions. No, I am not talking about your life companion. I mean the might and the smarter than ever, a smartphone.

Smartphones today cover everything we need in our daily lives. I prefer using free calling apps from my smartphone, rather than throwing hundreds of bucks. I would even trade my life for Google Maps (which I get and use for free) rather than installing an expensive GPS system in my automobile. If I start with telling how smart a smartphone makes my life, it would take me more than a day.

On 10th August 1876, history witnessed a magic and a huge turnover in the world of communication. From Toronto to Paris, the first ever long distance call was made. Ever since then, people have successfully defeated the distance by communicating over oceans and miles.

Technology has reshaped our lives and it strives to do more. With the emergence of smartphones, internet has given a new face to the use of it. When internet and smartphones joined their forces, the world witnessed smartness at the peak. The question here is, are we using the joint power rightly?

Free Calling: a smartest use of a smartphone

One of the smartest uses of a smartphone and internet found together under one roof is getting internet calls. As telephony revolutionized, Voice over Internet Protocol marked its presence in our lives. Making long distance calls was never this smart and beneficial. I’m sure you were tired of paying hundreds of dollars on expensive international calls that didn’t even allow you to communicate properly as you were always struck by the money they’d charge. VoIP and its international free calling is a miracle within; the miracle which is easily attainable for using through our smartphones.

There is no denying how the smartphone platforms have shaped our lives. The kings of smartphone, being Android and Apple offer a magical heaven which makes our lives smarter and easier. From these platforms, you can easily make free long distance internet calls.

Apps to Make Free Long Distance Calls:

Here are a few free internet calling apps which are extremely popular in use and loved by the users:

Yello (Android and iPhone)


From video calling to free calls, Yello has everything you need. Offering you file and photo sharing, Yello gives you the perfect ways to beat the distance by making communication in the best possible way. Get internet on your smartphone and make communication smartly through the very smart calling app, Yello. Having Yello in your smartphone you can make free calls, free texting, free video call, free conference call and free data sharing.

Viber (iPhone and Android)


When I started the internet calling apps, Viber was in the hit list. One of the most used and loved feature of Viber is that it scans the contact lists for the other Viber users. Viber is good choice only to make free calls and free text messages.

Skype (iPhone and Android)


If you are looking for a synonymous for free cheap international call, Skype is the name which pops in everyone’s mind. Calling on other Skype users and non-users is enabled on smartphones and on laptops/PCs as well. You can even make free international texts and calls, along with local communication as well.

The world is still in better hands, my friends. There are still ways to connect for free with your loved ones, business partners and anyone through the Smartphone. Communicate from any region for free on your smartphone today. Get smarter along with your smartphone.

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