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8 Things you Should Know Before Visiting Nigeria

March 21, 2014 by Soha Naveed

If you want to see a place where people have a huge curve of smiles on their faces regardless of the issues they face every day, Nigeria is the place you need to visit. Located in Africa, Nigeria is a country which is filled with extremely natural preserves and beauty, yet as a drawback face economical and other issues.

The time I visited Nigeria for tourism purpose, I noticed that not only would you find the place beautifully drenched in greenery and attractions, but the smiles on the face of the Nigerians make your day. You can’t ignore the happy faces, elegantly dressed in the natural clothing attire and making their way to various activities.

There are many opportunities for people to take Nigeria as a place to start their business. Yes, this is true as Nigeria lacks in having the miracles which are found in the rest of the globe. Give this a shot, think about the benefits your business would get when the Nigerians get something which they droll for when they see the rest of the world having it.

Before going, make sure you keep the list of attractions in mind. For this, make calls to your friends, relatives or acquaintances that are already living in Nigeria. You would know the calling code for Nigerian, if not please note it for the future reference. The dialing code for Nigeria is +234. In my case, I used my internet calling app to reach my cousin living in Nigeria to get in loop all the attractions and made a list and schedule. The reason why I used an internet calling service through calling app was because I want to save my money even at the beginning of the trip.

A normal call was very expensive and I needed to save every single penny for my trip so I chose an internet calling service to make inexpensive calls Nigeria. My cousin also told me there are credit card issues in Nigeria and I replied him that I don’t need to keep credit cards as I can top-up my account for calling anywhere in the world online.

In case you are wondering about visiting Nigeria for business or tourism purpose, here’s the list of the main 10 things you should be aware of when visiting the land of beauty, Nigeria. Regardless of how beneficial the venture will be, there are some cautions you need to keep in mind and that is exactly what my 8 points will illustrate.

1. Take proper vaccine

For countries like Nigeria, the International Regulations have made a few health requirements compulsory. Speaking of this, make sure you have taken proper vaccine before going to Nigeria. Once you have taken proper vaccine, you will be given a yellow card, which is the International Certificate of Vaccination. You need to take that card with you and keep it throughout the trip.

2. Avoid visiting Nigerian sites at night

As I mentioned earlier, Nigeria is struggling in various fields. One of them is the security issue. In such terms, it is best to avoid a lot of situations. One of them is not visiting Nigerian sites at night as there are chances of getting robbed by the hungry money-sucking Nigerians.

3. Never accept anything from strangers at airport

One should never accept anything from strangers. Make sure you do the same while going to and getting back from Nigeria as you may get something which is banned by the government of Nigeria.

4. Keep some change in your pocket

The airport services in Nigeria aren’t free. The capital airport, being the Murtala Mohammed Airport-Lagos gives their trolley for Naira 150, equaling to USD 1. Make sure you keep some change in your pocket when going to Nigeria.

5. No need to any special money

This is something you need to avoid at every cost. Before you move out of the airport, the attendees present at the conveyor belt may ask for special money. Try ignoring these request at all measure.

6. Ask any kind of service from those who are uniformed

It is better to reach someone who looks professional. In the case of immigration and luggage clearance, always seek help and service from those who are uniformed. Greet with a Good Morning and let them take your stuff to the desired location.

7. Make advance bookings

Always make advance bookings. When reaching for a hotel to stay, book a hotel before making the visit to Nigeria. From the internet, find the hotel you think suites the best for you and your needs. Make sure you get a hotel which is equipped with internet as you may need to make international internet calls from your smartphone.

8. Keep in touch with acquaintances

Since you will be on a trip, make sure you are connected with your acquaintances all the time. When I went to Nigeria for recreational purpose, I had my smartphone connected with the internet all the time so that I could make cheap international calls over the internet apps and get the best locations from my friends who had visited Nigeria before as well.

My internet calling service not only provides cheap call rates for Nigeria from anywhere in the world but to call from Nigeria anywhere in the world this services also found me cheap in comparison to the call rates offered by the local mobile operators. This not only saved my time, but also allowed me to look at the best places in Nigeria. You can make cheap international calls to various other regional countries of Nigeria to ask for help in terms of tourism.

In general, make sure you fall on these safety measures when visiting the land of Nigeria. Look at the sites and make decisions productively. Hope to have a life time visit of Nigeria.

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