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Inexpensive solutions to save your dream of retiring years to become a nightmare

March 24, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Having a great live after professional carrier is a dream of every Professional no matter wherever they live on the globe. This is kind of dream especially when you have spent around 30 years of a routine 9 to 6 life cycle. Living this routine become more boring when there is no innovation or motivation at your workplace. Dreaming good things are not a bad idea; it’s purely a human thing.

To shift to your dream place after retirement is also sees approachable when everything is the scope of your saving. Mostly professionals around the globe prefer to live in a place where they can enjoy having sun baths on beaches, beer in the bars, cycling on the quite roads, etc. etc.

To fulfill this dream they plan and execute each and every step sensibly. They safe each and every single penny to secure their retirement years. But hard times always come un-invited. Some of the retired couples don’t even think twice to sell each everything to secure a place in their dream lands. Well if it was thought to be a dream land then how things gone worst?

Just imagine if you are near to your retirement years and have found a peaceful place somewhere in Spanish village – you just got overwhelmed and informed your spouse back home over inexpensive international call - you signed up all the contracts and headed back to home land. To ensure all the payments you never thought even twice that either it was a good decision or not?

Property problem

The first problem that encountered while shifting to the dream land is the property. It is a day to day experience that most of the time property is sold on dotted lines or on a blue print on the paper. People mostly signed the contracts and moved back to their home country. They started to live in a rented place to wait till their dream home is built.

What exactly happens mostly in the country of your choice to make a dream land is; either the home is not materialized or there are problems within. Laws differ from country to country and you find yourself bound to proceed accordingly which always ends up with loads over your tiny budgets and huge mental tortures.

Environmental adjustment and language issues

Though it was dream to live in a place where you can have your dream days and nights – living for more than 50 years in your native country you always dream to live a country where the environment is entirely different. You purchased a home after your retirement and now started living there. If you are from a country where the temperature never rise from 26C and now you are living in a country where the minimum temperature is 27C and maximum temperature is around 40C you are again in the situation.

In addition to this language is another hurdle to understand and let others understand your dreamland. Well to get the environmental adjustments you need to have extra facilities to fight with it and to fight with it you have to be fluent in the local language to let people understand your problems and facilitate you accordingly.

Away from Family creates more anxiety

All bad situation remind you of your old days when you always called your family members like brother, sister or cousins. You always found them a great support for all the hard times. While living in your dream land you are always alone in the hard situations.

This may be due to expensive overseas call rates to get connected with your loved ones. As you have to save your budgets as well so you mostly aren’t able to get connected with family most often. This condition always increases the anxiety and let you face the worst situations alone. This may come up in bad health and bad health come up with bad budgets.

  • Inexpensive things to take care before and after moving to your dream land
  • Always concern a registered real-estate firms to avoid property misshapes.
  • Do exercises to remain relax and healthy.
  • Stay in touch with your acquaintances back to home country as it makes you feel good and keep you believe that you are not alone.
  • Try to learn local language of your dream land before switching to there.
  • Always make calls through internet for the reason of their inexpensive call rates.

It is always better to think twice while moving to your “dream land”. After retirement it is must to remain in budget because of fewer resources of earning. Even if you have decided to move to your dream land you better to take care of the matters smartly.

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