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3 Ways to Make Cheap Calls while Living in Abroad

March 25, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Have you ever thought about living a day without talking to your best friend? Or maybe, spending a day without speaking to your mother? Traumatizing, isn’t it? Surely, it is a very hard seeing or hearing your mother and sisters. But this is a usual saying for those who live away from their friends and family. The fact is that people today neglect the advanced technology which has made communication very easy.

Regardless of how painful it is for them and their family and friends, they are bound to stay out of contact as they depend on means which are extremely costly and unaffordable. Technology on the other hand, makes life easy.

I met a few of my friends a month ago who are currently studying in United Kingdom. They believe their families are spending enough of them and this is why they avoid making calls back home from their cellular numbers as they are extremely costly. While they were telling me about their difficulties, I simply told them to move in the world of internet calling.

Internet calling has now allowed us, people living abroad and nationwide to make cheap international calls to any place in the world. Internet calling on smartphones revolutionized when smartphones entered our lives. While every one of us possesses our favorite set of smartphone in our pocket, internet calling makes communication easier and cheaper than ever.

Nowadays, technology has allowed us to use various devices for many purposes. There is no guessing that smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs rank at the top.

Have you ever wondered about using these as the source of making cheap international calls? If you haven’t, then think about now as I will be telling you the ways of using these modes of making cheap abroad calls.

Call over internet through Smartphone app:

Cheap calls work through the internet; therefore, an internet connection is a must when you need to make a cheap international call. I recently came across a survey that showed that up till now, there are 139 million people who use VoIP on their smartphones. It is about time that you add up yourself in this count as well.

Coming back, through Wi-Fi or 3G, you can make a cheap international call from your tablet or smartphone on the go. Get an app for internet calling like Yello, Skype, Rebtel or Viber and start making cheap international calls today.

Local Access Number from Landline:

I know a few people who are not lovers of smartphones. Primarily because they believe that smartphones occupy their lives a lot. In that case, if you don’t have a smartphone but still wish to make a inexpensive call, you can make it through a local access number from your landline. 

Many internet calling companies provide local access numbers to dial through, from any destination to around world. You can use that number to call to any international number. A local access number allows you to make a cheap international call throuhg your landline number. Not only landline, you can also make an international call from landline number of your office as well, through your very own local access number. A great opportunity, isn’t it?

PC calls through soft dialers:

Making calls through Soft Dialers; is a something that people love to use now a days. From laptop or PC, you can make cheap international calls through soft dialers. Internet Call Providers allow their users to make calls through Desktop or laptop by using their soft dialers/desktop applications, which can be download to install from their websites to make inexpensive international calls to any number.

True, staying in abroad is a hurdle in itself. You are away from your family all the time, you miss your friends and you even miss many traditional events which you used to spend with your loved ones. However, you have to lose something to gain something – internet calling makes communication easier for those living in abroad.

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