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Send free texts over internet - Saving money like no other way

March 26, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Most of us today understand how important it is to earn for a living. People wait all year to get to the Sales and Clearance Week offers to get their favorite items on lesser prices. With prices reaching the skies every day, I am sure you are tired of the expensive world around us.

Recently, Google stated that 98% of the people today are found surfing online for the best shopping deals in order to save money on everything they intend to buy. People like me make research on ecommerce websites and hunt for the website which offers the same product at the least rate.

Preferably, we also reach our friends to get the best sources for getting our favorite pair of jeans or maybe a book on cheap prices. Everything comes with a price tag; even the text you make to a friend for finding a place that brings you goods on cheap rates. And for the thing you will buy on cheaper rates, you need to keep in mind various factors like warranty, quality, price line and likewise factors. Pity, isn’t it?

After every dark storm, comes a rainbow – by this I mean here is that every problem comes with a solution. With proper research, you can easily get something you want on a cheaper rate. Once you’ve found that, make contact with your friend and ask for their advice. But wait; wouldn’t a text cost money too?

A traditional cellular connection always sucks your money – they leave no chance of charging more. A smartphone on the other hand, is here to make our lives easy. With the integration with various internet and technology advancements, a smartphone gives us the opportunity to save much of our money through various means. Same is the case when I talk about texting to friends and family. 

Have you ever thought about making free texts to your friends by free internet texting apps? If not, think about it now. Send free texts to your friends before buying something through messengers like WhatsApp, Yello, Viber and many more.

How to send free text massage?

Since I’ve landed on the ultimate way of making free texts, let me brief you on how you can get this service in your smartphone. As I mentioned, there are various apps you can get in loop. These apps offer free texts to any place in the world.

The free texting app allows you to share not only texts, but also data, videos and images. So if your friend is living in London and you are in Dubai, you can show her the dress you are about to buy through the free texting app. All you need is an internet connection on your smartphone, which can be in shape of Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G and BOOM – stay connected with your friends for free.

Conclusively, we all land on the notion of saving the green we earn by the hard work we invest. Start your savings by moving to free texting and feel the difference.

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