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Free Call: Are you making calls according to the contemporary trends?

March 27, 2014 by Sundas Asif

A decade ago, the telecom industry entered into a new era of development by making it accessible for common men. When many countries made roaming calls free for mobile phone users, a common man had hardly thought that making call would be free of cost one day. The means to connect internet have also been evolved in last decade. The internet revolution from landline and local area connection to Wi-Fi and 3G derived the developers to seek new ways in communication also. The internet access on big boxes like computer is now available on a 130 gram smart phone.

When mobile phone became the primary need of every one, the communication through calls, text messages, and multimedia messages were just on the end of pressing a button. Communication through Social Media provided a little more economics ease to the people. As the internet facility been evolved and become cheaper on mobile phones, the trends of connecting through social works needed a little more. But was this the ultimate usage of mobile internet that people are only getting connected on Social Media due the availability of Mobile internet?

The advent of revolution in smart phone technology for a common man, established the next age of connectivity for the people having smart devices. As a big box replaced by the smart phone, there was also a need to nimble the communication programs on internet on a single touch. The Social Media and voice-over-IP services started to develop apps to compensate the development in smart phone technology. It was a revolution within a revolution.

The VoIP apps i.e. ViberYello, Skype, Tango etc has altered the usage of making Free and inexpensive calls over mobile phone and landline calls. Now there is perfect competition among VoIP apps because the smart phone users are getting increased in numbers day by day. As research came till 2013, there are 6,587m subscribers of mobile cellular in the world which is 93% of global population, Including Smart phones and old mobile users. As technology is becoming further advance. It is expected that the smart phone users will grow up to 1.75 billion at the end of 2014. This tells us the fact that today people are getting more conscious about the stuff to communicate.

The advancement in technology has affected the life everyone in present time. Anyone busy in a hectic routine life needs communication via on single touch of index figure .The Free Call over internet either local or international calls through a smart mobile phone is a need of every individual of contemporary era. The business related person, professionals, students, house wives just needs to replace their ordinary cell phone with smart phone which are absolutely in their reach as technology is very cheap now a days . How could this investment be disappointing if you are not spending almost 3-5 % of your income in paying bills of your phone calls?

This is rather a little amusing and crucial to say that Wi-Fi and 3G facility are the food of VoIP services and off course of Free Calls apps. But if you provide the food your communication devices on low costs, you are saving your time, money and much more for many activities of your life. The VoIP service provider has engaged the whole world to seek facilities to make Free Calls. The Viber, Yello, Skype, Tango and Voxofon are smart VoIP services. These services provider are busy to develop a number of Smartphone apps to facilitate the needs of users. The features of the services provide by these apps are little different from each other. If one is providing a facility to make free call, the other may be gives a better quality of video calling.

If you have a smart phone, you are in. If your smart phone is an Android, Blackberry or iPhone and you are connected to internet, you are ready to make Free Calls even internationally. It doesn’t cost you as cheap as free. You just need to go to App Store of your smart phone and download a Free Call app. Now all the ingredients of making a Free Call are in your hand. You also need to have the same app installed on the smartphone of the person you want to get connected free of cost. Just do confirm that your friend has installed the app on his/her smartphone. Connect yourself with other user according to the instruction of VoIP app installed on your smart phone.

If you are an individual of contemporary world, smart phone is your need. The overall development of human intelligence needs smart devices and ways of communication. Free call is probably the end of technological revolution. It is the requirement of the time to switch yourself on a smartphone from an ordinary one and install a Free Call app to connect to the world.

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