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5 Should Have Travel Apps for Your Smartphone

March 31, 2014 by Soha Naveed

It is amazing how each one has an urge to travel to a certain place of which one of our friends shared the picture of. Or maybe, visit that particular Italian gallery in which your favorite artist is exhibiting their marvelous art work. Once in a lifetime, each one of us wishes to visit the dream country for vacations. If you’re like me as well, planning a trip to abroad is what we are here for.

The rule number 1 for traveling is to be sure of having all the information you need before you visit the new country. In such case, travel apps are the best buds. So before you start packing your bags and hit the road, check out the top five traveling apps that perfectly anticipate you on-the-travel needs.

1. Travel List

 Paking List

Usually in excitement or hurry, we tend to miss stuff which is important while traveling. So before you miss your smartphone charger or your favorite novel, use the Travel List app that allows you to organize the items that go straight in your suitcase. Add the reminder for the last minute additions and include them in your traveling bag before you hit the roads. The app also helps you to plan the stops at the trip. Make event additions to the calendar or the regular alerts. 

Available for Android only (Free) , Alternate app for iOS (Free)

2. Trip It


The most ideal trip planner, the Trip It is packed with everything you need. In just a few MBs, you can get all the trip details – map directions, nearby hotels, flights and many other features. You can easily sync the entire traveling plan with the mobile or online calendar, share the itineraries on the go and post your traveling experiences on various social media platforms through the app.

Available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 7 (Free)

3. Yello

 Yello - Cheap International Calls

When you are out of sight, it is essential to call back to the land to stay connected with family or with your manager at work. Since traveling itself cuts much of your savings, calling and texting gets heavier on the pocket. To stay in touch with your mates while on the road, pay less for calls through cheap international call rates offered by Yello. All you need is a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection to make cheap calls back home.

Available for AndroidiOS and Blackberry (Free) 

4. Google Maps

Google Maps

Traveling is all about exploring new places. The maps to a new place would be the most reliable source to help track down the places correctly. The Google Maps is an app which is worth traveling with. You can get all the current traffic updates, city tours with street views, public transit, voice guides and GPS navigations, along with multiple other features which make navigation to a new place as easy as a piece of cake.

Available for Android and iOS (Free)

5. Mint


As I said before, traveling is an expense wrapped in the enjoyment. However, one shouldn’t be stressed out on the vacations because of money concerns. With the app Mint, you can organize your finances easily, look after the traveling budget and track down all the expenses that occur during the trip. The app is secure and safe, meaning that your finances will be kept a secret.

Available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 7 (Free)

Using these apps while hitting a new location is a must, so get them in your smartphone!


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