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5 tricks to improve your smartphone reception for free internet calls

May 6, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Regardless whether it has to do with local or international calling, a smartphone’s reception will be the maker or breaker of a quality call and customer bank. A good reception is hard to have at times but there are some tricks to improve them like keeping enough amount of battery charged to make free long distance calls through internet, using a signal booster, having the right weather, changing your position for better WiFi signals and changing your mobile carrier.

Let us see how these tricks help you with getting good reception.

1. Keep sufficient amount of battery

 Keep Sufficient Amount Of Battery

As obvious as this may sound, the two most battery hungry applications in your smartphone happen to be WiFi and mobile data. Enable both of them and you’re likely to be left with zero battery in no time. That being said, you need to make sure that your battery has enough charge in it to help you make a free quality call through internet. Also, the process of your smartphone while it is searching for a good signal will also eat up a lot of battery.

2. Using a signal booster

 Using A Signal Booster

To help improve your smartphone reception, devices known as signal boosters are emerging in the markets to help users counter the negative effects of poor reception performance. These signal boosters comprise up of powerful baseband processors that clean out the signal. High performing signal boosters will cost you a lot of money, but will give equal results. Best of all, they do not require a complex installation. All that is required from the user is to plug the device in a power outlet and the signal booster will do the rest.

3. Changing your current position

 Changing Your Current Position

Smartphone reception is likely to decrease in solid, concrete buildings. This is because the signals being received and transmitted from the smartphone as well as the radio antenna will not be able to reach through those concrete obstructions. Therefore, it will be wise of you to relocate your position from the surrounding solid concrete walls and make your way across a window or a balcony, where you’re likely to receive a better signal. Since cellular band radio waves cannot effectively penetrate solid structures, you will find the reception as bad when they are underground as well, for example in subways or super market basements.

4. The weather block

The Weather 

If the weather happens to be extremely dry or humid, you can expect your smartphone reception performance to drop. This is due to the level of humidity in the air that causes the cellular band radio waves to drop and not allowing penetration of the signals effectively. In majority of these cases, it is always good to improvise and use a signal booster.

5. Change your mobile carrier

Change Your Carrier 

Most of the time, the problem originates from your network provider. If you are dissatisfied with the level of service that you are being offered, you can always switch to a new network, and check which ones offering the best service in terms of network coverage and performance. Changing network has solved nearly 90% of the poor reception performance issues.

Sometimes, the biggest problems in the world have the simplest of solutions. If you are experiencing a problem with making a successful call using WiFi or mobile data, you need to first isolate the issue and analyze the problem before opting for the right solution.

Break a leg with these tricks help you break the bad reception karma.


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