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How to connect from USA to Hispanic destinations on cheap call rates

May 7, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The age of connectivity has changed due to the technological advancements that go beyond borders. Services which were once considered as luxury and were limited to only the elites of the world can now be availed by all individuals. Immigration all over the world especially US have been on the rise since the colonial era. The highest immigrant ratio in USA is from the Hispanic countries like Mexico, Cuba and Columbia etc and has been mainly settling in Arizona, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Florida, New York, Virginia and Texas. The term ‘Hispanic’ refers to the Spanish speaking countries, especially the ones who belong to Central and South America. In 2012, there were 50 million Hispanic immigrants living in the U.S. The breakup of these ethnicities is:

  • 31 million Mexicans
  • 4.5 million Puerto Ricans
  • 1.7 million Cubans
  • 1.4 million Dominicans
  • 1 million Guatemalans
  • Remaining are Salvadorans

Hispanic Immigrants

Even in the world of rapid communications, people feel handicapped when it comes to prices. There aren’t many calling services that offer you the rates that fit in your budget which is why we bring you highly competitive rates for your specific calling destination with no hidden costs that gobble up your calling minutes.

Cheap calling rates made possible for Hispanic immigrants

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Maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for Hispanic immigrants in the U.S is quite an expensive deal. As of 2012, Dominican Republic has the poorest poverty rate, with 26.3 percent of the entire immigrant population living below the poverty line. That’s not all. In 2010, Miami had 36.92% immigrant ratio and was awarded as the city that is home to large number of settled immigrants, followed by Santa Clara with 36.31% and Los Angeles with 34.28%.

With such a high population percentage of immigrants occupying these areas, majority of them are employed below the minimum wages, in order to keep their employers from reporting them and have them deported back to their native homelands. Even though the economic conditions for these immigrants do not make life any easier, one of the things that can award them with considerable savings are cheap calling rates. Given below is a table detailing the competitive call rates of Yello for Hispanic immigrants settled in the U.S.

The much affordable Call Rates

The Much Affordable Call Rates

These rates are quite less than the normal rates the mobile carrier services offer. You’ll have no hidden costs and have a complete detailed report of your calls in your account that you with make with Yello.

Even though Hispanic immigrants are able to get along with one another thanks to the high level of population percentage in the U.S, the absence of their family will always be felt. Therefore, with Yello calling rates, you can maintain communication with the perk of having no phone bills.

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