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What to do when your mobile carrier does not support free texting?

May 8, 2014 by Nida Khawaja

If you are living in 2014 and still pay a handsome amount from your income as a bill for mobile texting, you seem to be outdated on the mobile industry news. Getting a mobile carrier is as important as purchasing a phone itself. The huge bills of mobile carriers for using their text packages can exhaust anyone to connect with their friends but the alternate means like free texting through downloadable apps allow you to save your money to spend on paying the huge bills. Here I am going to guide you how you can send free texts when you are unable to avail Mobile Text Services.

1. When mobile text services fail

When Mobile Text Services Fail

Due to the advancements in telecom industry, you might’ve noticed that there are many mobile companies in the market than there were 5 to 6 years back. They advertise their packages and services in the most alluring way but the fact is that every package has some hidden costs that are deducted from your balance without notification. The mobile number activation, package activation and data roaming are all charged.

That’s not all.

International texting cost a fortune! Even the local texts are charged. Our mobile bill on the whole becomes a challenge for us.
In this world where every industry strives for customer satisfaction and facilitation, mobile carrier companies fail to create affordability and compatibility.

2. Free texting apps not a story tale

Free Texting Apps Not A Story Tale

If you mobile network has drained you in spending money on text packages, irritated you with their constant promotional messages, daily and weekly package updates and activations then it’s high time you switch over to hassle free, tension free texting apps which allow you to reach your circle with no reminders of package expiries. Free text applications are definitely not a story tale neither they require money contrary to popular belief.

3. Easy downloadable texting apps do the trick!

Easy Downloadable Texting Apps Do The Trick

If you have a smart phone you definitely need a WiFi or mobile data package to get it started. It’s time to stop being lured in by these mobile services packages and make a smart choice.

These free texting services have free downloadable apps from your smartphones’ stores and you can quite easily switch over to them with easy clicks. Once the app is downloaded you just have to enter your phone number or email address to make your free account. This account serves not only as a texting tool but enables image sharing as well as quick audio and video files. The app is pretty intelligent and makes the work easier for you. It picks your mobile contacts and synchronizes the app with the contacts for easy configuration of the data.

Still have double thoughts? Don’t have.

Keep reading and you’ll figure out why.

4. Some really cool free texting apps just for you!

Some Really Cool Free Texting Apps Just For You

There are many free texting apps in the android and iPhone market that are compatible with your smart phone. The best thing they offer is free texting from and to anywhere in the world so you don’t have to crib about high international texting rates.

Some of the noticeable texting apps whatsapp, viber, yello ,snapchat, tango among others are giving you free texting facility on a global level so you are able to connect with your friends and family beyond borders. Yello, one of the most active app of free texting, image and audio sharing and easily downloadable and configuration of smart phone data. You can use your smartphone store to download the Yello app and it will configure from all the contacts in your mobile and aid you in easy connectivity. The app is so light that it can stay connected to WiFi and not drain your battery.

Keeping yourself abreast of the world news always benefits you. You’re always given choices, it’s always good to do your own research and have a hands-on knowledge of what is the most suitable option for your lifestyle.

Have questions, suggestions? We love to hear from you.

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