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How to make your mother feel special on Mother’s day 100th birthday

May 9, 2014 by Omar Sohail

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity; it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." - Agatha Christie

 1 Happy Mom

People say miracles don’t exist. When people talk about miracles, they sometimes forget that they themselves are miracles; being born and placed in their mother's palms. The ones who know you, who’ve been your first best friends and secret keepers and who stick by every decision of yours. Her lectures have surely saved us from making stupid mishaps in life yet we fight her all our lives. The sacrifice and hardships a mother endures, the struggle for her child’s life and the amount of unconditional love she pours till her last breath is exactly why Mother’s day came into existence. What’s more! Its Mother’s Day 100th birthday!

Why don’t you take this Sunday off from all the havocs of life and give your time to your mother, make her feel special. Unique in her own way as she is, celebrate her uniqueness, call her from afar and love her for she surely is the backbone of your existence.

1. Make your mother feel special on this Sunday

1 Make Your Mother Feel Special On This Sunday

As nearly all of you know, Mother’s Day is celebrated in majority countries including USA, Turkey and half of Europe on the second Sunday of May every year. This day marks the gratitude to all mothers, the element of motherhood and the relationships that are created between mothers and children.
The origin mother’s day was a tradition that Anna Jarvis started a 100 years ago to celebrate the strength and compassion of mothers in 1907. However, it took another 7 years for the U.S. congress to pass a joint resolution in 1914 which was signed by President Woodrow Wilson establishing Mother's Day as an observance to emphasize women’s role in the family cycle.

2. Mothers, the backbone of our very existence

2 Mothers The Backbone Of Our Very Existence

The respect that should be given to mothers by not only their children, but also by their spouses and other individuals have been highlighted and emphasized abundant number of times. Physically, a woman is weaker than a man yet she endures massive amounts of pain and fatigue in giving birth and raising the child.

They fight with others for you, they fight with you when you’re wrong, don’t let you fall, pick up when you fall, protect you when you’re vulnerable, teach you to be strong. They’re our saviors, the one who will make sure you’re happy till their last breath. They are practically our backbone.

3. Be unique when you express your love to your mother today

3 Be Unique When You Express Your Love To Your Mother Today

Celebrating mother’s day is not only about remembering your mother’s existence in your life but also to make her feel the way she makes you feel. At times, you might ask yourself, how to make her feel special in the unique way that she is? It’s pretty simple. You do this in the exact same way she makes you feel special. Replicate that feeling for your mother by choosing to clean the home and taking out the laundry instead of your mother doing it. Cook for her, inspire her, shower her with gifts, and take her to dance, take her to movies, book a spa day for her, and make her a dish that reminds you of your childhood with her, a dish that is the epitome of your mother’s personality.

Be as creative in your thoughts and actions as your mothers are. Be the artists that they are.

4. How are you supposed to celebrate Mother’s Day when both are living miles apart?

4 How Are You Supposed To Celebrate Mother’S Day When Both Are Living Miles Apart

Children when they grow up tend to lead their own life and in doing so they leave their homes for a higher education or better employment opportunity in another country. Some get married and get settled abroad creating distances. Being away from your mothers is not as easy as it sounds. You can’t talk to them; you can’t see them or be with them.

Technology has saved us all with their free calling applications that are easily downloadable on both your smartphones and desktops. You can make use of these calling apps like Skype, Yello, Viber, etc to make free international calls. You can spend the entire day talking to your beloved mothers, tell those stories and experiences, hear them out and share their excitement.

Communication and technology has severely narrowed the gaps that once made communicating impossible when abroad with your Super Mom! You do not need to wait any longer.

Disney celebrates Mother's day in their own unique style. Salute to all mothers

Wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day enfolding 100 times love for her.


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