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5 Major Technology mistakes you're making right now!

May 15, 2014 by Omar Sohail

It not only makes life easier, but facilitates connectivity. Technology is evolving at an alarming rate. With so many new products being introduced every second, the communication is made even stronger, even faster. With the combination of ever increasing flexibility, technology has created a whole new level of ease for users worldwide. However, majority of the users still haven't gotten used to the new ways and prefer clinging onto to the traditional ones. This can create numerous amounts of problems for them in the long term. The five technology mistakes that you still most likely be making are using wired peripherals, ineffective use of smartphone, payments through online accounts, using traditional ways of communications.

1. Using wired peripherals

Using Wired Peripherals

Using a limited number of wired peripherals is a 'break-even' point for the comfort level of the user. If people start using more wired peripherals, then too many wires will become cluttered on the user's table, which will end up being a disaster. These days, wireless peripherals such as routers, mice, keyboards, chargers, and headphones negate the use for wires, allowing users to effortlessly change the position of these peripherals without having to worry about the wires.

2. Not using your smartphone efficiently

Not Using Your Smartphone Efficiently

Your smartphone is not just a fancy gadget that has been embedded with gestures and other abundant features. Smartphones and tablets are considered to be miniature computers which are able to increase the productivity of the users who are constantly on the move. With desktop computers, users were only confined to one place, where their chances of increasing productivity were severely limited. With the help of apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, Quickoffice, and emailing apps such as Outlook and Gmail, you will be able to turn your smartphone into an effective productive powerhouse. Always remember, smartphones should not be bought just for entertainment purposes but for your work as well. They are your mobile data assistants and you can maximize your use of them in the right way.

3. Not paying your bills through an online account

Not Paying Your Bills Through An Online Account

The robust combination of technology and finance has formed a solid partnership over the years. Bundles of cash are replaced by credit, debit and ATM cards. To add to your ease, another most effective innovation is internet banking, where account holders can perform transactions from their computers as well as smartphones. No longer would they need to march all the way to the bank when they can perform the exact same function while sitting at their computer desks.

4. Not using alternative means to communicate

Not Using Alternative Means To Communicate

As stated earlier, technology has allowed users to broaden their communication circumference. Thanks to apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Yello, users can seamlessly send free international texts to their friends and loved ones who are living on an entire different continent. What’s more to note is that since these apps provide free texts, they negate the use of sending conventional text messages that come with a cost.

5. Using desktop computers instead of laptop hybrids to complete tasks

Using Desktop Computers Instead Of Laptop Hybrids To Complete Tasks

Laptop hybrids are yet to compete with the powerful processing power of desktop computers. However, that does not mean that laptop hybrids cannot become a resourceful way of completing one’s tasks. Most of these hybrid machines often come with detachable keyboards, so users can use them as a makeshift laptop and as a tablet, which will help then serve dual purposes.

If you want to start increasing your level of productivity, then you will have to gradually start getting rid of the outdated methods of communications and start adopting the new ones. Thanks to the products’ unmatched portability, price and usefulness, users will be able to increase their productivity rate by a huge margin.

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