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Cheap Calling Rates from Middle East to India you never knew!

May 16, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Approximately five million Indians have subjected themselves to working in the Middle East, where majority are blue collar workers. Although the wage they earn is far more than what they were getting working back in their homeland, the additional costs of living and paying the rent takes up a major portion of their salary, afterwards, they only have a small amount to send back home for education, marriage, medical and other expenses. A study found that only 5% of the total Indian expatriates in the Gulf are able lead a comfortable and happy life. However, in these tight circumstances, there can be a relief of connecting back with family on cheap rates that otherwise may never be possible.

Living conditions of Indian expatriates

1 Living Conditions Of Indian Expatriates

Among the unskilled labor, ratio of Indian workers comprise of; only 2% of the total working population are able to send back a small portion of their income to families. Even for the semi-skilled workforce, living in the Middle East can be a huge challenge, especially when it comes to sending money to the families. For example, a technician, who will earn an approximate income of 3500 dirhams per month, will have 1500 dirhams deducted from his salary to pay the rent of an apartment he shares with several other individuals. The remaining 2000 dirhams remaining will not be sufficient enough to lead a comfortable life as well as provide for his family. The minimum wage rate of laborers in Dubai is still fixed to $6 per day.

That’s not all, working conditions also happen to be a huge concern for the Indian workers living the Middle East. Delay in payment of the wages, along with poor working conditions have rendered the Indian workers helpless.

How can a worker earning peanuts stay connected with his family back home without wasting excessive money on an international call?

Let’s find out.

The Cheap Calling Rates from Middle East to India

Call Rates To India

Majority of the money earned by the Indian workers is utilized in paying the rent as well as providing food for themselves throughout the month. Due to their limited salaries and high living costs, workers are hardly able to call their loved ones, with whom they’re only able to converse for a minute or two thanks to the expensive calling rates present in the Middle countries. They will always feel homesick and this can only be relieved when they call their families.

There are a few calling services that are banned in the UAE region due to violation of their laws. However, there are calling services like Yello that allow you to make calls on highly cheap rates. Given below are the call rates that users can avail to call their families from Middle East to India.

Yello provides the cheapest calling rate for calling to India. Moreover, user is facilitated through a local access number from which they can avail the cheap rates and call from a local handset as well. You are also given 10% extra credit in terms of minutes when you top-up from the website account.

Indian workers living in Middle Eastern countries are facing tons of challenges and problems. Giving them the comfort of calling their family without wasting chunks of money is a pleasure for us.

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