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How to use Yello dialer app to make a cheap international call from your smartphone

May 19, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Making a cheap international call to your family or loved ones does have its benefits, especially if you can save money on making those long hour calls. What we still are unaware of is that you can use your smartphone to make an international call at a much cheaper price. Here MyYello facilitates you to make a cheap international call using your own smartphone anywhere in the world. The Yello dialer app is an easy and cheap tool which serves as the perfect and even better replacement of your mobile carrier services. Your pocket isn’t drained by the end of the month and you no longer feel the restrictions in communications.

Since a number of new users are signing in with MyYello, we thought it’ll be best to give you all a little tutorial which serves you as a step by step guide on how you can make a cheap international call. Let us begin.

1. How to download the app on your smartphone?

a. Downloading and installing on the Android operating system

To install the Yello dialer app, head down to the Google Playstore and type ‘Yello’ in the search bar placed at the top of your smartphone’s screen.

 1 Yello App

You can see that Yello app comes in the search results. You just need to click on the Yello logo to proceed further.

 2 Yello App

Above on the screen you can view the “install” button. Tap on it and afterwards, tap on the ‘accept’ button that is present in a pop up notification window.

Downloading and installing of the app will take place automatically. Afterwards, the Yello dialer app will be present on your home page and the apps menu as well.

3 Yello App

b. Downloading and installing on the iOS operating system

For the successful installation of the Yello dialer app on the iOS operating system, here are the instructions that you must follow:

i. Open up the iPhone AppStore and type ‘Yello voip’ in the search bar.

 4 Yello App

ii. An ‘Install app’ button will appear, tap on it to proceed forward.

5 Yello App

iii. You will be asked to enter the password of your Apple ID, so enter your password for the app to be downloaded.

6 Yello App

iv. After successfully typing in your password, the AppStore will exit on its own, and the Yello will begin downloading. After the app is successfully downloaded, you will see the Yello dialer app in the app menu.

7 Yello App


2. Registration through the Yello dialer app

After the Yello app has been successfully downloaded and installed on your smartphone, it is time that you head on to register yourself through the app.

When you start the app for the first time, you will be required to enter your phone number. After entering your phone number, tap on the paper plane icon and you will receive a PIN code with which you can register yourself on the app. The PIN code will be received to you in the form of an SMS on the number which you punched in the required field.

8 Yello App

Alternatively as shown below, if you do not receive a PIN code as an SMS within a few minutes, you can tap on ‘I never got the code’ and you will receive a notification saying that you will receive a call which will verbally dictate you the PIN code.

9 Yello App

Next, you will receive a call from an unknown number. You can safely pick the call, and the automated voice will dictate you the PIN code. Note down the PIN code and then punch that code in the required field to get yourself registered with MyYello through the Yello dialer app.

 10 Yello App


3. How to check your Free Credit upon Free Registration through the Yello dialer app

Point worth mentioning here is that MyYello gives you free credit worth of 20cents upon downloading the free Yello dialer app and getting free registration. This means you do not have to recharge your account to make your first call. You will be able to make the call by using the 20cents free credit given to you upon registration.

The first time you will open your app, you will be able to view the dial pad. On the bottom left corner of your smartphone’s screen, you will be able to view the free credit in terms of U.S Dollars. After availing the free credit, you will see the balance coming down to $0.00.

11 Yello App

How to top-up and claim 10% extra credit on every top-up using Yello dialer app?

Yello provides you 10% extra credit on every top-up you make. You can claim your extra credit with every top-up by following the below mentioned steps presented in the form of snapshots.

12 Yello App

13 Yello App

14 Yello App

15 Yello App

16 Yello App

17 Yello App


4. How to make a cheap international call using Yello dialer app

You are one step closer to making your cheap international call using the app. You should keep two things in mind:

1. Yello app automatically takes up all your contacts in your phone directory so all your contacts will be visible on the Yello app phone book.

18 Yello App

2. You can make cheap international call by entering a phone number to any contact.

19 Yello App

It is not necessary that the contact has to be on the Yello app as well. Click on any contact to make a cheap international call.

Congratulations! You have successfully made your first cheap international call.

For a full list of rates, visit and enter the country in which you want to make your call. A list of rates for making calls to mobiles, landlines and sending texts will appear in front of you. Choose your desired currency and you’re good to go.

We hope you found the tutorial much helpful. In case of any ambiguity, please do contact us so we will be able to guide you as per your desire.

Keep dialing, Keep Yello-ing!

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