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4 types of smartphone apps essential for your life

May 20, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Smartphones may have not turned out to be the productive gadgets they are widely known for or might not have sold as much as they have today if it weren’t for the apps that were created for them. In short, apps are fundamentally one of the reasons why smartphones have ended up being so popular; especially for people who are constantly on the move. The small disk space that these apps consume coupled with their functionality is why the world is slowly making a transition to using more and more smartphones. Here are 4 smartphone apps that will make your smartphone essential for your life.

1. Google maps

Google Maps

Perhaps one of the most essential maps created by the second most valuable company in the world, Google maps offers users the chance to make your navigation experience a whole lot faster and better. With accurate directions, voice guided GPS navigation for all forms of transport, and detailed information on thousands of locations near you, Google maps has become a far better ally than your traditional paper maps. Since apps are continuously being updated, the only thing you can expect from Google maps is that they will become an even better and efficient direction app in the foreseeable future.

2. Evernote


Perhaps the best mobile notes compiling and organizing app out there, Evernote is extremely user friendly, helps you to stay organized and improve your overall productivity. Due to its multi-functional quality Evernote also lets you capture photos, create a ‘to-do check list’, and make record voice reminders, ultimately taking your organizing and productivity to the next level. There is also a sync feature that allows you to synchronize all the data present on your app to be accessed by your personal computer, laptop or even your tablet hereby keeping you abreast with your timetable.

3. Lookout


Similar to a computer, a smartphone is vulnerable to viruses, loss and occasional theft. That is exactly why the Lookout app has been created. Lookout scans yours apps thoroughly, protecting you from viruses, malware, adware and spyware. In addition, Lookout is able to locate your phone when you have misplaced it. It triangulates the position of your smartphone and sounds off an alarm, even when your phone has the silent profile enabled. Furthermore, it will save your phone’s current location when the battery is low. You will also receive an email with the picture and location of whoever incorrectly enters your phone’s pass-code multiple times in a row. All these things are extremely essential but the one thing that the app did not forget to include was an option to back up your phone’s entire contacts. In short, Lookout is your smartphone’s guardian app.

4. Yello


Smartphones wouldn’t be selling at an exceedingly high rate if the apps accompanying the phones would not ease the level of communication between smartphone users. With Yello, you can keep in touch with all your friends and family. Yello is a calling app that allows you to make free calls over internet. Yello offers free international calls and free video calls over internet to be sent to anyone present in your phone directory. With Yello, your communication channel just became a whole lot better.

With these four essential apps, your will easily be able to transform your smartphone and yourself in to a proficient and productive machine.
So download these apps, and let the productive race begin.

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