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Why does the word ‘cheap’ in technology attract everyone’s eye?

May 21, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Having a smartphone seems to be the apple of everyone’s eye nowadays. Smartphone producing giants have occupied a huge space in our lives by introducing us to smartphones which make our lives not only tech savvy, but also easier. Regardless of the benefits a small piece of technology gives us, they sure cost a lot on our pockets as well.

Smartphone producing giants like HTC, Apple, and Samsung etc. are always racing neck to neck in the race of being the best smartphone producers. However, the companies do not do justice with the pricing of the smartphones as we can find smartphones with the similar specifications and features at half the prices by other brands.

Smartphones are the object of everyone’s affection in the current technology world with social demand of the mass rising, the smartphone makers are now seeking ways of providing cheap technology to the consumers in order to reduce the prices. Taking iPhone 5C as an example; the makers believed that the price of this one should be less than the other prevailing iPhones to provide a leverage of cheap pricing to their customers and fans. Not only this, we also see how smartphone calling apps have conquered mobile calling by providing the users with cheap calling rates.

1. ‘Cheap’ the main trigger of the social masses

Cheap The Main Trigger Of The Social Masses

The one tool that we rely on the most is technology. It’s our daily dose of technology that keeps us ahead in life. Since the technology in the form of Desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets is pretty expensive for an average person to buy, cheap smartphones do the trick. ‘Being social’ has become a viral need with handy apps that could solve your problems, provide you knowledge and even handle your bills with even one click.

2. Smartphones manufacturing costs decreased to increase sales

Smartphones Manufacturing Costs Decreased To Increase Sales

The recent launch of various smartphones, has determined that the smartphone manufactures have decreased the selling prices of their smartphones to push their sales. Leading giants such as LG Nexus 5, Blu Products Studio 6.0 and newbie like OnePlus One have used this technique successfully and have attracted tonnes of customers towards their brand.

Perhaps it is not just to win the customers, but also to win the crown of being the best smartphone and providers in the world.

3. Two deals in one!

Two Deals In One

When you speak of cheap smartphones, it initially covers two aspects:

• Providing cheap prices
• Providing the best technology with multiple benefits

Smartphones today have started coming to the level where an average person can afford to buy them. This is mainly because the market is swarming with smartphone companies in a neck-to-neck battle of tailor made smartphones as per the demands and needs of the customers.

These smartphones come with neat apps like MS office; Evernote, Google maps, social media apps like Twitter and Facebook and calling apps like Skype, Viber and Yello all of which are highly useful.

These calling apps are free to download and provide cheap call rates around the world. These call rates are highly compatible and are much lower than the ones provided by the mobile carriers and telecom companies of the respective countries.

Eyeing at cheap smartphones is the main target of smartphone users. With the price wars prevailing, getting a cheap smartphone with efficient technology continues to benefit us to an unimaginable extent.

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