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Redefine smartphone communications with the enhanced Yello dialer app

May 22, 2014 by Nida Khawaja

Communications have vigorously dominated the technology world. The most rapid growing industry has that been of smartphones with their dynamic hardware and software innovations. There has been an ongoing popular debate of software over hardware where many feel that the constant innovations in the software industry are at a much faster rate than in the hardware industry.

Smartphone software apps – making your life easier

Smartphone software apps – making your life easier

Smartphone software apps are designed to facilitate the smartphone usage over laptop or Desktop PC usage. Moreover, businesses all over the world have acknowledged the facts that better their smartphone app is, more welcoming it will be for the users and beneficial for the business. Internet expansion and simplicity has brought billions of users to effortlessly make use of alternative methods of performing their chores for instance e-shopping for all their needs whether it be grocery, food, garments, books or gadgets. The simplest way that majority have adopted are by using their smartphones and placing orders, shopping and even making bill payments.

Yello – The International calling app designed especially for you

International Calling

People make use of smartphone calling apps to reach out to their loved ones without being glued to your seats. International calling on the other hand has been on the rise due to globalization, extensive travelling and higher studies. Families drift apart, friends move away because the world is an open invitation to all. Smartphone international calling applications have been developed for people with flexible lifestyles who also keep a check and balance on the costs of their calling.

Yello is a VOIP provider which provides cheap international calls. VOIP refers to voice over internet portal that allows the user to make calls through the internet. Because Yello knows its users’ requirements, it is developing a very smart smartphone app which it continuously upgrades to meet the required standards.

The Yello app – with feature modifications

The Yello App – With Feature Modifications

The new Yello app which will be available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry supporting software phones allows you a free download of the app. It will also ensure you get multiple benefits from it with much flexibility and clarity.

The new features that the Yello app will include are thoroughly mentioned below.

  1. Yello dialer app will have a new look and feel. The dialer images as well as Yello icons have been changed to make them look more appealing.
  2. Find friends – You will be able to search for people who are on Yello and add them to your contacts. You can also make your profile private and it won’t appear in the search results protecting the user information and maintaining confidentiality.
  3. You will be given the option to register with your phone number or with your email address and password which will allow you to login from multiple devices. You will not have to delete your account in order to make a new one. Just enter as many email addresses and make your Yello accounts which you can use from your Yello smartphone app or your laptop and Desktop PC’s.
  4. You will also be able to use multiple accounts on same device as well. Just logout and log in from any other Yello account using your email address. There will be no need to deactivate accounts any more.
  5. The data will be fully encrypted to ensure protection of your conversations and text message chats.
  6. Complete call quality report – you will receive a call quality report when your call ends. Your feedback will help us improve our services for you.
  7. When dialling the number using dial pad, the system will automatically identify whether the contact is already on Yello or not. If on Yello you will get the option to make a free / paid call. If not, you simply need to invite the person to come on Yello and benefit from its services.
  8. You will also chat and send text messages to your friends with the option of sharing your location.
  9. You will clearly notice improved voice quality in our new Yello dialer app. We have made sure we use the best voice quality method to heighten the voice experience of our users.

Yello is constantly changing and upgrading its systems in pursuit of the happiness and satisfaction of the users. The new Yello dialer smartphone app with all its cool and useful features speaks care for our users.

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