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Beat the distance on this Memorial Day: Call cheap with Yello

May 26, 2014 by Soha Naveed

It is that time of the year when you bring your flags out, lighten up the barbecues and salute to the people who are present in the memories. It is time for the Memorial Day – hosting parades at the Garden State to the festivals honouring and remembering the fallen American soldiers under the warm and pleasant weather. With the importance mentioned derived from the history, the Memorial Day is an important event for many patriotic American nationals.

The Memorial Day is a public holiday in the United States of America. All the non-essential Government offices, along with organizations, businesses and schools remain closed. The public transits also remain off track from their daily schedules.



The Memorial Day commenced as a day which honoured the Union soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the great American Civil War. The day marks it importance after it was inspired by the Southern states who honour the dead. After the tragic ending of World War I, the Memorial Day honoured the remembering of all men and women who lost their lives during military war action. Originally, the Memorial Day was founded by the name of Decoration Day.

After World War II, the Decoration Day was changed to the name we honour today. In the earlier era, the Decoration Day was held on the 30th May, keeping aside the day of the week. In the early 1968 after the Uniform Holidays Bill was passed, all the federal holidays were moved to three-day weekend. This concluded to the beginning of that time in 1971 when the Decoration Day was to be observed on the last Monday of the month of May.



The biggest tradition that follows on this day is to fly the United States of America flag at the half-mast, starting from the dawn till the end of the day. In order to honour their civil fighters, many people visit memorials and cemeteries to pray for those who lost their lives guarding the country. Volunteers are found all around the state placing the American flag on every grave present in the national cemeteries. In addition to the Memorial Day, Mississippi also celebrates the birthday of Jefferson Davis.

The Memorial Day three day weekend has become an American traditional gateway in its own way. While some people may hit the roads and drive to other destinations, some citizens are still found embracing the honourable death of the fighting souls. Barbecue grilling may not be the benchmark of the original holiday, but it is now a part of the event. The Memorial Day marks as the most popular holiday celebration in the United States of America.

Time to Reach your Families Now

Time To Reach Your Families Now

In the midst of remembering the deaths of war heroes, it is also important to keep in mind that there are thousands of army personals who are out there, making constant move to keep their country safe and fight for their land. The harsh conditions they live in restrict them from keeping in touch with their families more often. However, it is easy for them to reach their families by making cheap calls from any where in the world to usa through cheap and efficient calling services like Yello. Yello offers cheap calls when no other facility helps you to manage your cost while you are in unfavourable conditions living away from your home and your family.

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Remembering the fighters who kept you safe, who fought for your homeland is a blessing for those honourable souls. Celebrate Memorial Day by playing your part through spreading awareness, peace and love. Connect with your family on regular basis and let them know you’re safe.


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