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3 Clever Uses of Smartphone that Would Save your Money

May 30, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Question – I am tired of seeing how there is an enormous mobile phone bill racked on my table each month. Is there any way how my Smartphone can help me save up money and help me stay in contact with the activities I do?

There are multiple times when this question greets my way. If you’re the one having the similar issue, the answer to it is simple. Your cellular provider loves to charge you with high rates for various activities. That said, the charges incurred are usually higher than what you wish to pay and in many cases, much more than you thought they would be. Through a few tricks and adjustments, you can use your smartphone to access ways through which you can save your money. Use these tricks and get the illustrated apps of different uses to save a decent amount of money each day. Here’s how I think it is done:

1. Get the Apps that Save Money On Communication

Get The Apps That Save Money On Communication

The real role of a Smartphone is to make calls to people – it is a mobile phone after all. However, you can use apps like Yello to make calls to anywhere in the world on cheap call rates. Not only can you make calls through such apps, but also enjoy various added benefits as well. That’s right folks, as long as you are connected with a Wi-Fi or 4G internet, you can call using the Yello app on Yello’s cheap calling rates. You can also swap files and share images with your friends. The internet calling apps that provide you long distance calls on extremely cheap calling rates makes sense rather than to waste your money on calling from you regular mobile carrier services.

2. Make This a Deal or No Deal?

Make This A Deal Or No Deal

Speaking of smartphone apps, there are many which can tell if you are buying something worth your money or not. Apps like ShopSavvy, SnapTell and Red Laser use the camera of your Smartphone to take pictures of products and its barcodes and within a few seconds they tell the user which retailer around you has the best price for the certain product. For example, you scan a $20 DVD barcode. Later the app tells you that you can find a $13 DVD down the street from a different store. Some of the apps also give directions to the store they reach. This not only saves your money, but also your time.

3. Take the Advantage of Locations

Take The Advantage Of Locations

Imagine you are walking down to the street. Your Smartphone vibrates; you pull it out and see a message that states “special discount on the Old Navy Sweaters”. Apps like Deals by and Push A Deal are just an example of free shopping apps that give push notifications for hot deals that are based on the geographical locations. From the type of deals you are interested in, such as consumer electronics, restaurants and apparels, you will be notified about the give ways, coupons and sales at the retailers that are nearby. The apps use the GPS chip of your Smartphone to establish the certain locations.

Using the smartphones apps wisely is the answer to the many queries regarding money issues which people face now and then. Get such handy apps in your Smartphone today to save your money.

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