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Top 5 reasons to travel to Peru this summer break

May 30, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The Republic of Peru is located in western South America and is home to one of the most ancient cultures ever to have existed. This is probably the reason why Peru has attracted an abundant number of tourists, with the tally reaching close to three million tourists in 2012. With numerous places to visit, not to mention the diversified culture that is able to attract visitors each year, here are the top five reasons we feel should be enough to compel you to travel to Peru this summer break.

1. Numerous places for sight seeing

The primary reason why Peru is able to bring in so many visitors, particularly a large quantity of them from the U.S is because of the numerous places there are to visit. Given below is the list of destinations where people would be more inclined to visit.

  • Inca Trail: Major parts of Peru is all about trekking, and for all the trekkers out there, the Inca Trail offers one of the best sightseeing locations in the world. 

Inca Trail


  • The Andes: With a network of crooked peaks covering the mountain, the cool weather as well as the Andean villages will most certainly take your breath away. 

The Andes


  • The Amazon Basin: With lush yet haphazard greenery growing all around this region, not to mention the different types of wildlife that you will spot, this is definitely the best tropical place to visit.

The Amazon Basin


  • The Cañón Del Colca: A canyon that is filled with a vast number of villages and mountainsides carved by ancient terraces will be a great place to visit and explore. 

The Cañón Del Colca


2. Favorable Climate

Favorable Climate

During the dry season, temperatures are high; particularly the areas close to the jungle can soar up to 35 degrees Celsius or higher. It should not come as surprise that areas surrounding a tropical environment such as a rainforest will be humid. However, places like the Andes and the areas which are high above sea level offer one of the most comfortable temperatures in the world. The recommended months for travelling are between April and November.

3. Different types of food for your taste buds

Food 1


Food 2


 Food 3

If you are bored of indulging in the same kinds of food all year round, then you will be happy to know that Peru offers a different set of meals to the table. Thanks to its varied history, Peru offers a blend in foods influenced by Italians, Chinese, Japanese and African and, of course, Spanish. These foods are prepared using techniques and flavors that will make your taste buds crave for more. Fish also happens to be very popular in this region as well.

4. The Amazon has the most comfortable climate

The Amazon Provide Excitement As Well As A Comfortable Climate

The Peruvian Amazon features rainy and humid conditions all year-round, but the rainfall levels and heat start to move away between the months of June and August. This period will make it the ideal time to travel. Furthermore, the jungle city of Iquitos will serve as the perfect location for tourists to go exploring.
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Given below are the cheap call rates for calling from U.S to Peru.

Cheap Call Rates For Calling From US To Peru

Peru happens to be one of the most popular places to visit in the world. With a diversified culture, exotic locations that are just waiting to be explored, different varieties of foods, this is one destination where you should plan on visiting this summers.

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