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3 features that need to be added to VoIP apps to kill old school calls and texts

November 19, 2014 by Omar Sohail

With nearly 1.75 billion smartphone users to be registered by the end of 2014, the global populace is slowly making its transition towards mobile computing.

While mobile computing performance present in mobile operating systems is definitely a perk to have, it contributes little to how popular smartphones have become over a small course of time. The primary reason why mobile devices have become so popular is because of the free and paid apps present on app stores. Specifically, VoIP apps like Skype, Viber and Yello have enabled users to put traditional calling and messaging as their secondary source of calling.

Not long ago, traditional means of texting and calling was the primary and ‘only’ source of long distance communication. However, what features, if added to these VoIP apps, would begin the starting phase of the collapse of old school calling and texting? Let us find out.

1. Getting rid of registering users through PIN codes


Getting Rid Of Registering Users Through PIN Codes


While registering through PIN codes is not distasteful, it is a feature that we would like to see get replaced with a more convenient one.

This is because on several occasions, when users want to register themselves on VoIP apps, they will have to input a working cellphone number to receive a PIN code in the form of a text or call. Occasionally, after incessantly requesting for a PIN code, users aren’t able to receive it, and that downgrades the entire experience. A better alternative would be to register users through their valid email addresses. While there are some apps, such as Skype which have adopted this form of registering, other apps have yet to follow the same suit.

2. VoIP apps should become multi-platform


Voip Apps Should Become Multi Platform


Multi-platform is a term used to define a particular software being available on all operating systems, be it a desktop or a mobile operating system. While Skype and Viber, to name a few have decided to draw out support for all platforms (to maximize number of monthly active users), it might take a while for the remaining pack of VoIP apps to start following the same trail.

3. Cheap international calling rates should be ‘extra cheap’


Cheap International Calling Rates Should Be ‘Extra Cheap’

In addition to making calls over the internet, apps like Skype, Viber and Yello have additional calling features that allow users to make calls at a prescribed rate/minute. In order to make calls, calling credit needs to be purchased, afterwards which the user can make a cheap international or local call to their contacts, on their cellphones or landlines.

Compared to the three mentioned apps, Yello is the only one that is offering superior international calling rates for landlines and cellphones. To make cheap international call, users need to use a secure payment gateway, known as PayPal and others in order to make transactions to purchase calling credit. Most countries do not allow transactions to be made on PayPal and several different payment gateways, which presents a high degree of inconvenience for the user. If there are better substitutes present in the pipe line, it will enhance the overall experience for the user.

If these three features and others are added to VoIP apps, you might very well be witnessing the end of traditional messaging and calling.


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