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3 reasons why you should spend money on an expensive router

November 12, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Is your wireless internet connection behaving slower than usual? Has your browser experience been deteriorated as of lately? Do you not have sufficient signal strength coming from your wireless connection? Several of these questions and more trace back to a single answer.

Your router! Before you start assigning blame to any other element that could be responsible for the deteriorated condition of your internet connection (which can range from wiring, to the internet service providing company delivering poor service), more than half of the problems you face are solved once you purchase an expensive router. The other half are probably there because of other factors being involved but know this; if you want your overall internet experience to improve, then investing in an expensive router is your best bet. Here are three reasons why you should spend money on an expensive router.

1. Larger range


Larger Range

Purchasing a high end router’s first major perk is the augmented range that you will receive once you make your purchase and install the router. If you have the intent of relying on your $15-$20 router to provide you with sufficient amount of range, then its time you re-calculate your assumptions.

The expensive router will be able to provide an extended range in your entire household so you will be able to have internet access in the entire household area. This is extremely helpful in a situation when you are currently talking to friend or family using free international calling apps and the call suddenly drops thanks to the short range of the wireless network.

Furthermore, if there is an area in your house which is not blanketed with wireless signals, then do not throw away your previous router just yet. Instead, you can transform that router in to an access point, and place it in that area which is barren of any wireless signal. Purchasing an expensive router allows you to kill two birds with one stone; you receive a larger range of signal and you can use the existing router to further extend that range.

2. Expensive routers deliver dual band frequencies


Expensive Routers Deliver Dual Band Frequencies

Apart from the larger range of signals, purchasing an expensive router will allow you to switch between frequencies if you feel that the default frequency is not delivering the experience that you desired. Currently, there are two frequencies satisfied by routers and existing devices:

Inexpensive routers can only transmit signals on the 2.4 GHz frequency while purchasing an expensive one will allow you to switch between frequencies. Now, what is the advantage of using the 5 GHz frequency? Better performance. Regardless of how expensive or inexpensive routers may be, their default operating frequency will be at 2.4 GHz.

The only problem of using routers on this frequency is that users tend to suffer from performance degradation issues. Since other devices that are transmitting signals in your household (cordless phones, smartphones, and laptop’s wireless adapters) are also operating at the same frequency, it will cause interference between the router’s signals and the device’s signals. This interference will reduce the overall performance of your wireless experience.

So if you feel that your web pages are taking a significantly long time to load properly or if the video that you are streaming is taking too long to buffer, it is time to switch to a better frequency.

Since majority of the devices will operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency and not on the 5 GHz frequency, there will be little to negligible amount of interference between the router and the devices, should you decide to switch the 5 GHz band. This will boost your browsing and video streaming performance to heights that you never knew existed.

Some routers can operate on both frequencies simultaneously so it prevents you from having to constantly change the settings manually. However, before purchasing a dual band router, make sure that you possess devices that are compatible with the 5 GHz frequency. This will include smartphones, laptop’s wireless adapters or any other device, otherwise your purchase would be in vain. Another thing worth mentioning is that after you switch to using the 5 GHz frequency, you might notice a difference in signal strength; that is has reduced.

This is not something to get all worked up over; because it is a feature of the 5 GHz frequency; albeit a highly negative one. Compared to the 2.4 GHz frequency, the 5 GHz frequency operates on a shorter wavelength and henceforth, has a shorter range. So if you do plan to connect to this frequency, make sure that you are a bit closer in range to the source than you were before.

3. Expensive routers satisfy the latest wireless standard


Expensive Routers Satisfy The Latest Wireless Standard


Once upon a time, the latest wireless standard that delivered unmatched speeds was the 802.11 n standard. That title was taken over by the 802.11 ac wireless standard, which is currently the fastest wireless standard in existence. This will be taken over by a better and faster wireless standard (802.11 ad), but for now, enjoy it while you can. A router that supports the 802.11 ac wireless standard will come with a larger price tag because of these three reasons:

  • Further range
  • Faster speeds
  • Dual band capabilities  

If you purchase a router that supports the 802.11 ac wireless standard (sometimes, you have manually access the router and tweak it settings to that it starts operating on the 802.11 ac speeds) and choose to run it on the 5 GHz frequency, you will have further amount of range thanks to the properties of the new wireless standard (on some occasions, the range is equivalent to the range on the 2.4 GHz frequency on regular routers). Also, the speeds delivered by this particular standard ensures that your internet browsing and streaming speeds are at peak performing levels.

Additionally, if you are using mobile devices using free international calling apps that come with it, the high level of packets (the ratio of packets sent to packet loss is much higher using the 802.11 ac standard) will ensure that your call is smooth as silk.

Although the original speeds being delivered by your internet service provider will ensure your overall internet connection’s speeds, purchasing an expensive router will reduce web browsing delays, video buffering delays, ensure consistent download and upload speeds which will also account for smooth voice calls made over the internet.

That’s not all, purchasing a high end router also grants you other features; such as high performing Ethernet ports (should you ever feel the need to have a wired connection), USB ports for connecting flash drives, hard drives and wireless printers and an abounding number of other features that you will have to look for. Given below are a few examples of the best routers available in the market, for your reviewing purposes.

May be now, you will think twice before skimping out on buying an expensive router. 


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