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4 Compulsory Apps for People Living in Foreign Country

November 24, 2014 by Soha Naveed

At times living away in a foreign country can be a painful journey, especially when the country is new to you. Before you land in a new country, you must have all the needed information and requirements. Apart from legal wants like a passport or insurance, you need to have things as well that will help you live at ease in a new country.

Perhaps you are wondering to try that new restaurant nearby because of the dish your picture just posted on Instagram. Maybe you wish to attend the launch of your favorite artist’s gallery opening near your city.

In the middle of nowhere, you have lost track of the new country’s routes and you do not know how to find your way back home. All of these problems are just a few to mention when living in a new foreign country. To end your troubles, you need to have an instant solution. In a technology savvy world where smartphones continue to dominate our lives, having the right apps in your smartphone can save one from trouble.

Before you set to see the new country, there are a few travel apps you need to have in your smartphone. Download them and feel ease.

1.Language Translator App


Language Translator App


Every country has its own culture. Within the culture comes language and every country has its own. With the help of a language translator app, you can interact with people of the country you are residing in at ease.

Communication will no longer be a barrier for those living in a new country. By using the app, you can understand and learn different words and effectively communicate with each other. While spending some time and talking to people on an international level, learning a new language would sound a little impractical. The translator apps are not just adaptable, but will also allow you to learn the language with the passage of time.

2.Free International Calling App – Yello


Free International Calling App – Yello


If you have recently shifted to a new country, you are bound to miss your friends and family back home. There might be chances that you want to save as much money as possible since you want to play it safe in a new country. By having Yello app in your smartphone, you can make free international calls back home. Without the need of worrying about anything, use the app to connect with your friends and family in order to feel better in a new country.

3.Local Newspaper App


Local Newspaper App


You might love the country you have settled, but your heart my still be to the country where you belong. With a local newspaper app, you can know about all the happenings of your country by staying updated to it. Make sure you don’t miss any happening of your country while being away.

4.Tour Guiding App


Tour Guiding App


With apps like Yelp, you will never find yourself lost in a new environment. You may not have any friends in the new country and maybe you are too shy to talk to your new roommate. In any case, Yelp will lead you to different places, like hospitals, restaurants and even shopping malls.

All of these apps are a must when living in a new country. Make sure you use them to live at ease.


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