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4 reasons why using VoIP apps will increase overall business productivity

November 26, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Fast speed internet has become an omnipresent entity, with service providers being able to provide household and business owners a chance to enjoy high speed internet access at their premises.

In addition to being fast, reliable and most importantly, cheap, the age of connectivity has given rise to a number of mobile internet standards that are slowly coming at par with speeds of cable internet. This sudden influx of bandwidth has allowed users to take advantage of VoIP apps, for both casual and business productivity purposes. Tilting our heads to the business side of things, here are some reasons why using VoIP apps will be able to increase overall business productivity.

1. VoIP has shifted itself onto several platforms


Voip Has Shifted Itself Onto Several Platforms


When VoIP applications were first introduced for home and enterprise use, their first iterations were released on laptops and desktops; meaning that in order to maintain connectivity between two or more people, it was mandatory that they be connected to two running computers at all times.

Furthermore, in order to enjoy an uninterrupted calling session, the premises needed to be installed with an expensive high speed internet connection. While the starting phase of most technological advancements happens to be expensive, VoIP applications soon found themselves running on all platforms, including mobile operating systems.

This makes it easier for employees to stay connected without being stuck to a single location. With the help of mobile internet; which offers price packages for every class of user, staying connected permanently has become a reality.

2. Reduces overall telecommunication costs


Reduces Overall Telecommunication Costs

Since all VoIP apps are free to download and use, it presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to reduce their operating costs.

These operating costs are incurred towards the running of traditional phones, which require expensive level of maintenance and equipment to be working at optimum levels. With lower expenses, and increase flexibility, VoIP apps offer businesses a more adaptable solution to maintain their cost figures.

3. Other features bundled with VoIP apps


Other Features Bundled With Voip Apps


While using a VoIP app’s sole purpose would be to make free calls over the internet, the extra level of bandwidth provided by internet service providers and mobile internet solutions have enabled VoIP apps to include several other features, which include multimedia messaging and video calls; to be executed over the internet. Since a large amount of bandwidth is now commonly available to household and business owners, a fluid level of communication can be maintained while using these additional features.

4. Cheap international calling rates bundled with VoIP apps


Cheap International Calling Rates Bundled With Voip Apps

While there are some locations that are void of internet access (even mobile internet is unable to deliver a signal to these areas), VoIP apps have other features that allow users to maintain contact with their subordinates and superiors.

Free international calling rates are present as a secondary feature that allows users to maintain voice communication at highly competitive rates. The added flexibility that these VoIP apps offer is that the free international calling feature will be compatible with landlines as well as cell phones.

VoIP apps have enabled users and businesses to reach another plateau for communication purposes. Not only are these methods of communication designed to reduce overall operational costs, they present a high degree of flexibility that allow users to stay connected, without being constrained to a desktop computer.


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