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5 things to always keep in mind when travelling to Guatemala for business

November 28, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Travelling for business purposes to Guatemala is usually considered as boring and of course there is not much to get excited for as you are going solely for professional reasons and chances are that you might not even get to see the major attractions of the place. However, fulfilling your agenda of achieving your business goals in Guatemala can almost compensate for a lack of fun during the trip. But in order to get your business target, you need to keep few things in mind.

And in this regard, here are five things to always keep in mind when travelling to Guatemala for business;


Checklist is your best friend especially when you are travelling for professional purpose because you can’t really afford to forget anything so instead of depending on your brain, maintain an old fashioned checklist and if the term ‘old fashioned’ rubs you in wrong way, there are plenty of apps that can serve you in this matter.

And as for what to write in the list, well you need to mention anything or everything that you have to take with you in Guatemala. It could be some important document or your lucky pen for signing the deal – as long as the list has everything, you are sure to sail tension free during your trip in Guatemala.

2. Communication woes

You must have read at many forums that instead of using your smartphone, buy a cheap phone and a local sim card after landing in Guatemala to reduce the overall phone expenses.

Well it is indeed a useful tip, only if you are tight on cash but the most convenient method is surely to use your own smartphone (but it has to be unlocked) and don’t worry about the phone bill as there are many apps that can totally solve your problem. Like Yello is an app that can allow you to call anybody on landline or mobile phone and it genuinely offers cheap international call rates to Guatemala. So with Yello you can not only call anybody within Guatemala but also anywhere in the world.

3.From flight to hotel

No this one is not about your ride from airport to your hotel, instead more about what you should do when it comes to booking your flight and hotel. Since it’s a business trip, it is highly recommended to seek a professional agency to book your flight and same goes for your hotel bookings because the last thing you want is some delay in your flight or no reservation at the hotel during your business trip.

4.See a bit

No matter how hectic your schedule is, try to find some time for yourself. And what’s best to do then see some of the amazing places in Guatemala.

5.Rental cars

You need to use the same formula as your flight and hotel reservations. Although it is a bit expensive option but rental cars can save you from a lot of trouble in a foreign land.

Although the major aim of travelling to Guatemala is business for you but that does not mean that you cannot take out a bit of time and let loose as it gives you fresh perspective which can be a great booster for you business.


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