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5 Things to Always Keep in Mind When Travelling to Yemen for Business

November 21, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The country shares its borders with the Red Sea from the west end and with Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south border. Oman lies on the northeast end of the country and the leftover land shares the border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In terms of religion, Yemen is an Islamic country which follows strict religion guidelines and culture. They strictly observe the teaching of all the Muslims as a custom of Middle Eastern country. This, by no means indicates that they do not create a welcoming environment for other religion preachers – they welcome the travelers from all around the world, throughout the year.

The visitors for pleasure and business concerns are welcomes and the country with its citizens encourages the tourism as much as they can, hoping to create a wonderful experience for the visitors who will promote their image to the world.

Geographically, Yemen is a country that is divided into three different zones: the coastal strip aside the Red Sea, the central highlands and the northeast desert areas. From November to February, the coastal strip along the Red Sea experience hot seasons. The desert region on the other hand, goes through the hottest time of the year during June to September. The last region is the central highlands which features more climate than the other regions, reaching 77 degrees as the maximum temperature in the month of June.

While the different climate zones of the three different regions may seem it difficult for business travelers to make traveling plans, you can always hit Yemen according to the climate season of the time you are going there. For the business travelers, here’s what you need to keep in mind while going to Yemen for business, apart from the climate concerns:

1.Take your travel Visa with you


Take Your Travel Visa With You


Always keep your passports and travel visa with you in order to avoid all the travel difficulties. A travel visa is an essential requirement for entry in any country and is usually valid for around 30 days. Keep in mind that you cannot get your travel visa on the entry you make in Yemen; you need to have it before in hand. Business visa are also what business concerned personalities keep. Make sure that you register to a passport authority or the Yemen police station within the first two weeks of the time you arrive in Yemen.

2.Pack the right wearable


Pack The Right Wearable


As mentioned earlier, the climate in Yemen is fairly moderate around the year in the different regions. Apart from the formal wear, pack your summer attires for your stay in Yemen.

These may include light color dresses, head coverings, pants and loose shirts. There are no certain law enforcements in the wearable for the tourists. However, the Western governments believe that foreign women staying in Yemen should avoid wearing shirts, bikinis, miniskirts and items that reveal. Since there would be a lot of walking tours, physical activities and hiking (if you plan to spend your free time in touring), make sure you leave your land with a comfortable pair of running shoes. Do not forget to keep sunscreen, sunglasses and other sun gears as you will need a lot of those.

3.Essential items you need when away from home


Essential Items You Need When Away From Home


It is always a wise thing to move out from home with all your requirements. However, toiletries are something most of us miss out. Make sure you make a bag of all your required and favorite toilet items, including soaps, shaving cream and shampoos.

Also add a small box of first-aid kit in your suitcase. If you plan on taking your electric devices, such as electric shaver, hair straightener or others, make sure you keep an international plug adaptor. In case you have certain medical issues or complications, pack your required medications especially in case of asthma as the areas in Yemen can get very dusty. You surely do not want to go to a meeting with a choking lung or unshaved beard – so make yourself prepared.

4.Make the right communication arrangements


Make The Right Communication Arrangements


While you are away from home and family, it is genuine that you will miss your folks. Often at times, the business people need to make contact back to the main office to discuss certain issues and notions which cannot be discussed over the internet or chat.

In such case, cheap international calling rates save your time and money. The international calls here mean making calls from your smartphone to other countries. With calling apps like Yello, Skype and Viber, you can save yourself from the hassle of going to phone booths in making calls. It also saves your money as the calling rates to call to Yemen are extremely affordable.

5.Celebrate the cultural fests of Yemen


Celebrate The Cultural Fests Of Yemen

Yemen is known the best for the food customs offered at the ceremonial occasions. During the celebrations and the feasts, the festive meals are boiled, roasted or nomads of sheep or goat that are served on bowls of rice.

In the villages and towns, the same dish is served with side dishes of friend or roasted eggplants and mixed fresh green salads, along with custard or fruits and grapes or raisins as the dessert dish. People in Yemen also love eating dairy, poultry and fish products, so it is common to find different dishes of such. Yemen is also known for the sweet dishes they offer. The variety of sweet dishes offered is led by Bint as-Sahn; a puff pastry which is covered with honey.

During the Ramadan feast, the Yemenis prepare special sweet and sour dishes for nigh breaks as well. So if you wake up in the middle of the night during the Ramadan, you can always visit the restaurants for food options. During the religious feasts and wedding celebrations, coffee is the most used drink. The Yemenis are also known for smoking water pipes with chew Qat.

Yemen is an excellent place for business and traveling concerns. Make sure you know all the right things before stepping in the land of beauty.


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