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Explore the History of Spain

November 7, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Spain is a country that requires absolutely no introduction. It is a dream for several couples, children, football fans as well as several millions and billions of people around the world to at least visit this heavenly country with abundance of nature’s bounties at least once in their life.

The history that Spain possesses almost is as old as humanity itself and there are almost countless destinations inside Spain that you can visit to enjoy the historic heritage of this country and have a great time all at the same time. You can also stay in touch with your loved ones by making them international calls on cheap international call rates.

A few of those breathtaking locations are listed below:

-Sagrada Familia:


Sagrada Familia


The Sagrada Familia is a church that requires absolutely no introduction due to its history. It is the star symbol of representation for the ancient city of Barcelona in Catalonia and is definitely one of the most beautiful cathedrals ever built. The best part of this cathedral is that it is unfinished. The architect who was one of the most popular architects of the 19th century, Antoni Gaudi died by coming underneath a bus, which is why this cathedral was left unfinished.

The initial construction phase of this church nearly took 40 years and is still under construction and that is one of the major reason of attraction to this cathedral. It has a distinct architecture with high round towers and amazing details and sculptures inside and outside of the cathedral. Antoni Gaudi’s crypt is inside the Sagrada familia where he rests till the Day of Judgment. You can now call your family and relatives while watching this breathtaking cathedral at cheap international call rates.

-Alcazar of Segovia:


Alcazar Of Segovia


Girls are famous to have dreams about fairy tales throughout their life where a prince would save them from a huge castle. We don’t know about any prince but this castle sure does make up for the amazing imagination of women as it truly is a fairy tale castle. It is located at the top of a hill in the city of Segovia and is one of the major attractions of the entire country and most frequently visited destinations of Spain.

It was built almost 900 years ago in the high medieval period and is considered to be an architectural and historical landmark in Spain. It has been considered that a fort had existed in this location since Roman times and the current structure was built over it, however it has been used as a military stronghold since the Ottoman Empire had constructed it but is now a major tourist attraction. It is one of the prime destinations in Spain.





Spain knows much better than many other reasons what a war tastes like, especially a civil war. In the 1930s Spain was almost devastated because of the civil war between Catalonia and Madrid which resulted in bloodshed and the loss of hundreds and thousands of lives on both the sides. The battle of Belchite was particularly famous for as it resulted in the complete devastation of the city of Belchite which now lives as remains.

However, it is now used as a tourist spot for several hundreds and thousands of tourists to visit this place and see the remains of the city for themselves. The city of Belchite exists right besides its ruins which was made after the civil war. It still contains some notifiable structures such as the Eerie church of San Martin which also looks like a ruin/ this city gives a rare glimpse of that war and many people come from thousands of miles away to catch a glimpse of it. Now you can contact your loved ones while you see the remains of this city and share your experiences and thoughts with them through international calling on cheap rates.





It translates into the Red Fortress in Spanish and it was built back in 1238. It is an amazing royal fortress that was built during the Ottoman occupation of Spain and consists of lavish baths, mosques and courtyards along with courtrooms and amazingly decorated rooms that can be seen nowhere in Spain. It was made in almost 2 generations of Ottoman rule with one king transferring its construction to the other.

There are evidences that a fortress existed there back in the 9th century and that it may have been inhabited during the Roman times. That is how old Alhambra and its surrounding land is and how important it has been. This land has always been an important stronghold. Today it is open to public view and has two beautiful courtyards, fountains, pools and amazing architecture from the Nasrid era inside the Alhambra museum. It has several buildings as well as several monuments inside and is one of the top heritage sites in all of Spain.

-El Escorial:


El Escorial


El Escorial is one of the top rated sites in all of Spain that you must see before dying at all cost. It is a very beautiful royal complex that was built back in the sixteenth century in order to celebrate the victory of Spain over France in the battle of St. Quentin. This is an amazing landmark in all of Spain and is definitely one of the most beautiful sites in all of Spain that we can get to see.

Many monarchs of the Spanish royal family are buried in it. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and is definitely one of the top sites of Herrerian architecture and form of art thus making it unique in all of Spain and the world as well. It is made of Grand Granite walls and has several members of the Hadsburg Dynasty as well.

All of these sites mentioned above are one of the top destinations in Spain and you can easily contact your loved ones at home or anywhere else by Cheap international call rates available in Spain.


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