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From Bolivia to foreign college: Guide for Bolivian students to manage their expenses

October 31, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

The meaning of college life has changed so much – if you don’t believe, ask your parents or elder siblings, for them the college meant having fun along with studies but in this particular time, college life usually means applying to foreign institutes, dealing with admission formalities, sorting out living arrangements, looking for part time job and what not. Its truth that our era calls for people from developing countries such as Bolivia to indulge into foreign universities for better future but that does not mean you can’t have fun and enjoy your pre-professional life in a typical chilled-out way.

The best way to have a normal student life in a foreign country is to keep your budget situation in check. So here are few tips for Bolivian students to manage their expenses abroad;

Knowing all your options:

If you could research a bit before making any decision, there is a fair chance that you can land a perfect deal in every aspect of becoming a foreign Bolivian student. For instance, before applying in any university or college on your own, you should always check available scholarships – there are many programs offered by USAID and even universities have special programs for foreign students. Going on a scholarship usually means you don’t have to worry about living space or tuition fee etc.

Then you have your travel expenses, the tickets will definitely cost you but if you hunt for cheap deals, surely you can save some considerable amount. Another major concern can be finding a place to live. Well, you could always communicate with Bolivians already living there via social media (Facebook and LinkedIn groups, Twitter hashtags etc) for living arrangements or you can be a paying guest and of course there are dorms too.

The whole point is here to look into all the available options for everything and make informed decisions as it will not only help you with the budget but also prepare you for the unknown country.

Staying in touch (read calling to Bolivia):

It’s inevitable to stay abroad and not stay in touch with your people in Bolivia otherwise homesickness will kill you. The biggest mistake that every other Bolivian student seem to commit is to entirely depend on internet driven apps/software. Believe it or not, you need to use the conventional calling method as well because the internet connections are not that reliable in Bolivia.

But calling always means your budget will need a huge chunk for phone expense. Don’t worry, there is an app called Yello that provides literally cheap calling rates to Bolivia.

And it’s convenient also as the person you are calling does not have to have Yello installed in their phones so no extra trouble for your not-so-tech-friendly parents.

So, you see staying in control, when it comes to the budget, is not an unachievable task; you just have to stay focused on right thing. And once you are not worrying about budget or expenses, you can really cherish the mysteries of foreign culture, different people and new places.


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