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Intel's new chip will allow you to use VoIP apps from your smart watch

October 24, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The leading manufacturer of desktop and laptop processors wants to strike hard in the wearable industry; and what better way to strike a blow than by assimilating a 3G chip in to smart watches that will allow the wearer to make free international calls using that particular smart watch.

In addition to manufacturing unparalleled performing processors for worldwide consumers, Intel’s XMM 6255 modem will be assimilated in to the smartwatch and will serve as a 3G modem, allowing users to effortlessly call anyone from their contact list, without ever reaching for their smartphone to make the exact same call.

Features of Intel’s XMM 6255 modem

In terms of form factors, or in simple terms, the size of a particular gadget, smart watches will be characterized as ‘David’ in comparison to the smartphones termed as ‘Goliath’. Naturally, the lack of space present in smartwatches will not allow chipset manufacturers such as Qualcomm to incorporate their chipset’s in built 4G modems in to the miniature devices.

Fortunately, thanks to level of proficiency displayed by Intel over its capabilities of manufacturing processors, the company’s XMM 6255 modem measures only 300 mm 2 (square millimeters) in size, which is by far the smallest standalone 3G modem in existence. Here are some of the features of the modem that will enable users to receive the same level of 3G performance as they would get when the enable the same feature on their smartphones.

1. Low signal coverage:

According to the company, the XMM 6255 modem will be able to provide reliable communication performance in those areas where the transmission of network data suffers greatly due to concrete environments. Such examples of locations can be subways, parking garages or even a home basements.

2. Small form factor but superior performance:

The impression that most gadget lovers would be made to believe is that devices that do not boast enormous sizes will not be able to possess the kind of data transmission and receiving power that large devices possess. When the 3G modem is concerned, there are several power features belonging to the modem that will augment the free international calling experience for the user.

One of them happens to be the integration of the power amplifier and transceiver present inside the modem. The amplifier and transceiver will increase the power of the signal and minimize packet cancellation, resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted free calling session.

3. Simplified design:

The simplified design and minimized device development costs will enable several smart watch manufacturers to deliver cost effective wear-ables to the consumer market; ones that will not wear your wallet thin in providing you a whole new mobile computing experience. Furthermore, the simplified design of the modem will also allow developers to take advantage of the user friendly platform.

As a result, developers who roll out updates for apps such as Yello, Skype, Viber, Oovoo and many more will not face any issues in bringing the exact same experience to smart watches.

Some of the very first smart watches are to be unveiled in the coming days; including the Moto 360 presented by Motorola, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S smart watch, and LG’s G smart watch. While Intel’s 3G modem will not assimilated with the aforementioned devices, the company states that the next iteration of wear-ables will possess the 3G modem.


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