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Never miss a chance to celebrate Eid with your loved ones using Yello

October 3, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The competitive calling and texting rates offered by Yello, coupled with other flexible calling features will make your Eid calling needs possible.

Since there are only two occasions of Eid which are celebrated in a calendar year, it only grants Muslims two days in which they get to spend a portion of their time wishing their friends and family members whom they do not converse or meet up with the remainder of the year. In short, Eid happens to be that day in which Muslims can finally greet each other in harmony and spend their time reminiscing over the time they were not able to meet.

How to stay in contact with friends and family members from long distances?

Currently, there are 2.08 billion Muslims scattered across the planet and every single one of them will be celebrating a holiday on Eid. The only trouble is that thousands of Muslims are separated from their families due to several reasons; ranging from better employment opportunities, the completion of their higher studies, or any other reason for that matter. Furthermore, due to conflicting schedules, most of them are unable to visit their families for the celebration of Eid. While this is heartbreaking to know that several families cannot be reunited on the Eid, the digital age of technological communication has enabled us to maintain contact with each other, even when we are not physically present with our families. How? With the Yello VoIP app.

How can Muslims use Yello to stay in contact during Eid?

Currently, majority of the Muslim population is present in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Thanks to the level of affordability that smartphones possess coupled with the flexible methods of communication that VoIP apps such as Yello presents, you will be conversing with your family members as if you were present right there with them. Yello possesses the whole package for your call and video calling needs as it features not one, but four channels of communication that are present as follows:

• Free international calls (voice and video VoIP calls for Yello to Yello users)
Cheap international calls (through any mobile phone or landline)
Cheap International Call Rates (highly competitive call rates)
Free international texting (for Yello to Yello users)
• Cheap International texting (for non-Yello users at extremely competitive rates)

For free international calls and texts, all the user requires is a wireless network, and seeing as how these networks are ubiquitous, users should have no problem finding them to make their calls and send texts. As for the cheap international call and texting rates, you will find them below:



Landline (cents/minute)

Mobile (cents/minute)

SMS (cents/text)














Since the rates are extremely competitive, you should have no problem enjoying a long overdue calling session with your family. However, that is not the best possible deal available to you. The best possible deal comes when you register yourself on Yello (users can register themselves over here) and get entitled to a boat load of discounts, including a free top up. If you have a fast internet connection, you can always make your conversation more intimate by starting a video call with your loved ones.

With Yello, you have all calling corners available to you in a single app package. Make your Eid worth it and start using Yello starting now.


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