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How to download and run the Yello app on your Android tablet

September 1, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Even though VoIP apps have been designed to run on smartphones, there is still a way users can run the apps on the larger variant of smartphones; tablets. The only trouble is that downloading and installing a VoIP app such as Yello is not going to be as simple and straightforward as the process happens to be when you’re downloading the same app for the Android smartphone. Unfortunately, if you only have an Android tablet to work things out, the process is going to be a little complex, but completely possible. This tutorial will provide a step by step guideline on how you can download and run the Yello app on your Android tablet.

Things that you will need to complete the process

If you end up downloading the app to your Android tablet via the Google PlayStore, you will get the notification that ‘the app is incompatible with your device’.

Step-1 Yello App

If somehow, you manage to successfully download the app, and start it up, you will most likely receive the same message. This is due to special requirements that force you to register yourself on the VoIP; which happens to be inputting your valid phone number, an act which can only be done through the use of a smartphone. Regardless, given below are the required things that you will need in order to complete the process successfully.

  1. An Android tablet running an operating system that is 2.1 or higher
  2. USB data cable
  3. Desktop or laptop computer running the Windows operating system
  4. Any cell phone with a valid number running on it

Downloading and installing the app

There are two ways how you can download and install the Yello app on your Android tablet. Since Android files have an .apk extension (iOS apps have an .ipa extension), you can easily download the .apk version of the app from your Android tablet, or from your desktop or laptop computer and transfer that .apk file to your Android tablet via the USB data cable.

Step-2 Yello App

You can visit the following sites to download the .apk version of the app.

The file has a size of 15 MB, so unless you have storage space of less than 15 megabytes present on your computer or Android tablet, you will have no problem downloading and installing the app.

Registering your number on Yello

Now comes the hard part. Since there is no alternative of allowing the app to send a text or call to your Android tablet, you will have to make sure that you possess a separate cell phone running a valid number in order to register your number to the Yello servers. The cell phone does not necessarily have to be a smartphone. As long as it is fully functional and is capable of sending and receiving texts and calls, the completion of the process will be a walk in the part.

Step-3 Yello App

You can opt to either receive a text or call; that is entirely up to you.

Step-4 Yello App

After receiving a text or call on a separate device, note down the PIN code, and input it in the required fields from your Android tablet. After a brief moment of verifying the PIN code, your account will be successfully activated, prompting you to make your first call, be it a free VoIP or cheap international call.

Step-5 Yello App

The process of downloading, installing and activating the VoIP app might take a bit longer as compared to the time taken on smartphones, but if you only have an Android tablet in your possession, what other choice do you have? Hopefully, this tutorial would have underlined how you can port an .apk file to your Android tablet for future processes as well.  

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