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4 tips for people moving from Ecuador into USA

September 26, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Always be ready to face new challenges in USA once you plan to migrate from Ecuador to USA. Here we have the differences that you should look out for.

The United States of America has always been considered a land of opportunities and has always been known to hold the key to the future of many families and people. Every year thousands of immigrants travel to this land of opportunity to have a better future with more optimism, and this also includes several immigrants from Ecuador who want to work hard for a better and successful future. However, immigrating or moving from Ecuador to the United States is never going to be easy on them or the families. That is why you need certain advice before making the big move to the States. Below are a few tips that you will definitely find interesting and helpful:


Stay close to the community by buying a home nearby:


Stay Close To The Community By Buying A Home Nearby


Staying close to the community is a key factor in adjustment and settlement in the United States. Buying a house further away from your work place and your co-worker’s place will always cost you as you will be cut off from all the major happenings and thus you won’t be able to adjust into the community as you would hope to. The best advice for you would be to buy a house in the suburbs close to the residence of your coworkers or office. That way you can get automatically invited and so adjusted within the community.


Cultural difference is big; take your time to learn it:


Cultural Difference Is Big Take Your Time To Learn It


It is one factor that we usually entertain with excitement at the start but realize that it is extremely hard to overcome, which is the cultural difference that you will observe. What you must realize is that you must adjust in this new environment otherwise you will suffer. There are ways to adjust into a new settlement, such as force yourself into the society, keep an open mind, never isolate yourself, and make a local friend with whom you can share your frustrations with etc. These tips will definitely aid you in adjusting to the new culture well.


Keep in touch with loved ones back home:


Keep In Touch With Loved Ones Back Home


Never leave the people you leave behind, at least not in your heart. Once you start forgetting them at important occasions in your life will be the day you lose yourself in this new environment. Always stay in touch with them, and in fact use Yello to contact your loved ones. Yello gives you the facility of calling to Ecuador at cheap international calling rates, such as 10.33 cents per minute on landline, 20.72 cents per minute on mobile phones and a text for 9.82 cents. You cannot find cheaper rates to maintain your relationships.


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Follow the tax systems and other legalities in the United States:


Follow The Tax Systems And Other Legalities In The United States


Many people believe as in other countries that taxes are cut off from their salaries and that is it, however in the United States, things run differently. Over here, you must file tax returns annually to show that your tax payment is liable. Many immigrants are unaware of that fact. Similarly many people are unaware of social security and health care, which they should buy immediately to have a safer future.

These tips will definitely prove helpful to all immigrants from Ecuador. Follow these and you will never find yourself in any trouble towards a new land.


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