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Enjoy football in action - FIFA Euro Cup

September 29, 2014 by Soha Naveed

FIFA Euro Cup is next held in France in 2016. Let us take a look at its history and which teams will be contending in UEFA Euro 2016.

Football, the beautiful game, is the sport none of us require an introduction to. Everyone loves football, or if not loves it, is well aware of how important the game is internationally. People all over the world flock to various countries to see the best and most popular players in the world, whether it’s in club football or international football. The European Championship commonly known as UEFA Euro is one of these tournaments which absolutely no one can resist. International teams from all over Europe spend two years trying to qualify for this prestigious tournament and those who make it consider it an honor to participate and score in it.


The European Championship has always been held after an interval of four years and is held two years after the FIFA World Cup. Its history dates back almost 50 to 60 years and it has taken that long a time for the cup to become one of the most sought out events in sporting history. The cup has been won the most by Germany and Spain winning the tournament 3 times each, with Spain being the current holders. This rich history makes players go hungry after this trophy.

Current Year Event

This event is now being held in 2016 in France. It is the third time that it is being held there. France is a country that is considered as one of the most visited countries in the world, which is why the European Championships are going to get a very special coverage this time with all the best developed football facilities and media coverage over there. Many people will buy complete tournament tickets to watch their countrymen play for their flag and work hard to succeed. Many fans will flock in the shape of millions to watch their country with pride. It is important for fans to go in numbers to show how much their national side and the game means to their country.


It is considered that the country that wins the European championships is always the best contenders to win the world cup because Europe and South America are the only two continents till date to have won the world cup. It is therefore important for fans to watch these championships because they might be seeing future stars that may someday lift the world cup, the highest honor football can bestow on any country or any player.

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