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How to get free texting on your smartphone in 4 simple steps

September 17, 2014 by Soha Naveed

free texting isn’t a myth anymore. You can always switch from paid texting to free texting by following a few easy steps. Here they are.
The usage of smartphones has increased immensely since the past few years. As we noticed the ease it has brought to our lives, people love smartphones more, day by day.
One of the major reasons of increase in using of smartphones is the liberty of saving money and getting free from the rates imposed on the users by the cellular companies. It is time we praise the Lord for inventing VoIP technology – allowing the smartphone users to cut their costs through free texting, avoiding chocking GSM operator rates. If you have a smartphone in your pocket, it is time you open the doors to free texting. Don’t worry if you do not know how it is done – here are the four simple ways of getting free texting on your smartphone:

1. Own Your Smartphone


 Own Your Smartphone


To start off with, you first need a smartphone. This is primarily because the free texting apps work best on smartphones. Over the internet, you can find apps for every smartphone. However, make sure that the smartphone you go for is either Apple’s iOS or Android. Avoid going for Nokia and its windows phones along with BlackBerry as they are now moved behind the competition after losing most of its market shares. You can find a huge range of smartphones covering different features and prices. Nonetheless, all the leading OS brands operate free texting apps.


2. Get Internet Connection


Get Internet Connection


Free texting works with internet only. The internet for these free apps can be in the face of 3G/4G, Edge and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi offers limited range; you will be able to use the Wi-Fi when near the device or the router. However, an Edge and 3G data plan can give you unlimited access to free texting as they move all around your smartphone. The Edge and 3G of course, comes with its own price, but you should not worry about the price as it seems less in front of the free messages offered by these apps. Moreover, the text messages usually consume 1KB per text.


3. Get a Reliable Free Texting App


Get A Reliable Free Texting App


After making the first two arrangements, now what you need is a free texting app. These apps are of no cost and their services are also for free.

- WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and leading VoIP technology apps. With free usage of a year, you can make unlimited free texts, recordings and picture sharing through WhatsApp.

- Yello:

Yello is a VoIP app which offers free texting to all of its users around the world. With zero hidden charges, Yello also offers phone calls as well. From file sharing to making your friends listen to the best latest song, Yello has it all undercover for you.

- Jaxtr:

Jaxtr allows free Jaxtr to Jaxtr texting for its users. Jaxtr also allows the users to make phone calls and texts to other numbers which are not a part of Jaxtr.


4. Get Everyone in Loop of the Texting Apps


Get Everyone In Loop Of The Texting Apps


The last and yet, the most step of all is to have your friends and family on the same service and apps. So get all your buddies, peeps, family members and contacts on the same free texting app that you use. The only limitation here is that not every friend of yours would be on the app or would be using it.
With all said and shown who would miss a chance of saving their money through free texting. Follow these four steps and notice how much you’ll save.


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