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Improving the performance of free calling apps through smartphone’s 64 bit processors

September 8, 2014 by Omar Sohail

What are the perks of having a 64 bit processor and how can such a processor possibly overcome the processing and battery intensive free calling apps.
After Apple showcased the world’s first ever 64 bit processor in its current flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s and its current tablet, the iPad Air, lots of tech companies and critics dismissed the feature as nothing more than a gimmick with which the company plans to sell additional units and rake in further revenue for the company. As it turns out, smartphone chipset manufacturing company, Qualcomm, who provides SoCs (system on chips) to Apple’s adversary operating system’s devices; Android and one of the company’s executive pointed that Apple’s 64 bit processor hit the company ‘right in the gut’. Afterwards, global tech companies reverted their opinions and decided to start incorporating their devices with 64 bit processors as well. Still, what are the perks of having a 64 bit processor and how can such a processor possibly overcome the processing and battery intensive applications such as free calling apps? Let us find out.

1. Future smartphones will be able to accommodate more memory

Future Smartphones Will Be Able To Accommodate More Memory

A 64 bit processor will be able to handle memory addresses more effectively than a 32 bit processor, which will lead to the entire device to provide support for RAM that has a value of 4 GB or more. Currently, only a handful of devices have housed in 3 GB of RAM, ranging from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 to OnePlus’ One. Now, lots of smartphone users will argue that adding more RAM, although it will allow additional multitasking room for the user, will make the overall the price for the device far expensive and worst of all, it will draw a lot of electrical power and shortens battery life. Users are forgetting the architecture of the 64 bit processor. That architecture will help to enhance battery life by a huge margin. What that also means is that taxing applications like free calling apps will be given a performance boost, leading to better calling quality.

2. 64 bit processors will add more performance without adding additional cores

64 Bit Processors Will Add More Performance Without Adding Additional Cores

Without going in to too much of technical detail, Apple’s A7 processor (which possessed a dual core 64 processor) was able to best Samsung’s previous flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, despite the device having a slightly higher clock speed and being armed with four cores instead of two. That’s not all, Apple's iPhone 5s was also able to deliver performance equal or better compared to Samsung's latest phablet, the Note 3 despite the device being equipped with twice the system RAM, a clock frequency that was twice as fast and a battery that was twice as large (3200 mAh vs 1570 mAh in the iPhone 5s). This clearly shows that cores not only eat up battery life, they also don’t do well against a 64 bit processor.

3. 4G LTE connectivity is much faster

4G LTE Connectivity Is Much Faster

This is where things really start getting fun. The iPhone 5s’ 64 bit processor was easily able to thwart the Note 3 in battery life and performance when browsing the web and streaming over LTE connections was concerned. So next time when you have a 64 bit processor packed in to your smartphone or tablet and if you start experiencing a performance boost in call quality while using free calling apps, you should know automatically that you have superior hardware running in your device.
A 64 bit processor delivers advantages that you might not have known about. No wonder why Qualcomm has started to make its own 64 bit processors, named the Snapdragon 808 and 810. Cheaper smartphones will be incorporated with the Snapdragon 410, 610 and 615 chipsets and fortunately for you, they also possess 64 bit processors. If you happen to be in the market looking for a budget smartphone, look no further than the devices possessing the aforementioned chipsets.

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