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Survival guide: How Malaysians can make their life easy in a foreign country

September 12, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Malaysian students go in large quantities to foreign lands to acquire education. Here is a survival guide for all Malaysians to have a better life outside their country.
Being a student in this era is as easy as it is difficult especially if you are from Malaysia. There are people ready to misguide you at any time. So if you need a job of your dreams then a degree from a reputable institution (read a foreign university, probably situated in USA or UK) is your one sure ticket.
Living in a foreign country as a student can be the most challenging life experience. However, we can always try to survive by being prepared for the unknown. Here are some survival tips;

1. Find a Shared Place

Find A Shared Place

Shelter, aka a place to live, is one of the basic human necessities. So before leaving Malaysia for studies, you should make sure that you have arranged a shelter for yourself. Mostly Malaysian students can avail this facility provided by their prospect universities, needless to add it’s a very expensive option. You can always be a paying guest at some native’s house or share a small apartment with bunch of other Malaysians studying with you – these are not very comfortable options but they are cheap for sure. Ultimately even if you are living in a foreign country for a while, it’s always great to have a place called home. And you never know you might end up finding an amazing job and living in that country permanently.

2. Cook you own Food

Cook You Own Food

Do you know what Malaysian students miss most in a foreign place the most? Of course, the food! It’s exciting to eat new dishes and try local cooking but the charm worn out sooner than you think. And also it’s easy to adjust to other aspects of life abroad but sudden change in flavors is a bit tricky thing to handle and it makes many people homesick. Another thing is buying food every single day from a restaurant will cost you. The solution is to cook your own food – so that you can keep your budget in check and also the flavors remain same.

3. Staying Connected

Staying Connected

Talking to friends and family back at home should be the most inevitable part of your day. They should be aware of all your activities in the foreign land. Now the question comes how you are going to do it? Well you have access to internet all the time and there are plenty of devices like your personal computer, your smartphone, your tablet etc. With apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Yello, staying connected is totally free of cost. But your parents have to be comfortable with technology and such communication always requires comfort with tech gadgets especially for a video call.

Actually you should build a routine like after getting up in the morning, the first thing you do is to call you mom at your home’s phone. You can use Yello as it is not bound to smartphone-to-smartphone and it literally makes the cheapest call to Malaysia. The app will only cost you 1.22 ¢/min for calling to Malaysia and it is indeed the cheapest calling rates to Malaysia. And also, if you top up from Yello’s official website, you will receive additional 10% credit.

If you are happy with what you are eating, where you are living and everything is perfect at your home then you are bound to have the most amazing time overseas. In other words, what you thought was scary initially can totally be the most gratifying experience of your life.

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