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The Growing Problems of Business Communications in Bangladesh and Their Solutions

September 19, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Bangladesh deals with many economic problems. Sustaining a successful business communication is difficult in this country. Here’s how it can be done.

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of their population. With increased exposure, they have slowly started to attract more and more business entities from all around the world to come and invest in the territory of Bangladesh. The huge population and opportunities make it a good site for business however there are several problems that hinder the development of business in Bangladesh in a large scale. One major one of them is the lack of connectivity and communication.

The Backward Bangladesh

The world has moved on to connect itself to the World Wide Web whereas Bangladesh is lagging far behind. Across the world innovative business are emerging using a click and mortar business model. They are leveraging the full potential of the World Wide Web. As the access to high-speed internet connection becoming cheaper by the day around the world the story is quite different for Bangladesh. Businesses have to pay a handsome amount in fact one of the world steepest fees to get access to the web. But the scenario is changing in the consumer front. Consumers now have access to the web through their cell. There is a huge opportunity to cater to the foreign customers by displaying the product in the web. But the high-speed internet connectivity is yet to reach the acceptable standard.

VoIP – the Needed Savior


Voip – The Needed Savior


There have been several solutions that have been presented in order to counter this connectivity issues due to lack of VoIP connectivity. VoIP is one of the major breakthroughs in communication which has led to a true revolution in voice connectivity anywhere over the world. One of the best advantages is that this technology is portable over every smart phone that is coming nowadays in the face of many applications. VoIP has made international calling a whole lot easier, all thanks to the commonality of smart phones. You can easily access and use the best VoIP applications in function over the markets that use VoIP connectivity.

Why Does Bangladesh Need VoIP


Why Does Bangladesh Need Voip


Now VoIP plays an important role in the development and further strengthening of small as well as large businesses, proving the Bangladesh communities need it. Companies today no longer need to depend on the slow and unreliable calling services of local landlines and cellular companies as they can pursue their communication over the internet. This will make the issuance of commands a lot easier and make actions be taken a lot more swiftly than before. It can greatly benefit small businesses as well as it saves them from a lot of other expenses and fusses. It will also benefit the companies throughout the world to make communication cheap as VoIP services offer cheap calling rate to call to Bangladesh. These kinds of benefits are truly aimed at the betterment of business life in Bangladesh and it can only improve and further enhance the situation the local businesses run. It not only eases the communication task but lets the owners and decision makers are one step away from any sort of occurrences in the entire company. This is what a business best needs in times of development.
With the development of technology in Bangladesh, only positive outcomes will be observed in business. This is exactly what Bangladesh needs right now.


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