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The Ultimate Guide for spending the best Summer Vacations with Friends

September 24, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Friends are always a priority when we think of having a fun time during summer vacations. Connecting with them through free texting apps is a must have.

Talking about vacations, many people think about enjoying their tropical drinks while sun tanning their skin and lying on their back on hot sand. Getting the most from the vacations happens in the month of summer. Because summer holidays are the longest, there is always something about the season which people cannot resist to leave without spending a whole vacation experience. The heat of the summer vacations increase when you plan on spending them with your friends. Whatever the reason is for your love for summer vacations, just make sure you choose the best destination for your summer holiday.
Slap some sunscreen on your face, get a new trendy swimming costume, get a camera and get your friends in loop because it is time to pack your stuff for the best summer vacations with your friends. Starting off, here’s your guide to the best summer vacations with your friends:

Places to Visit in summers

Before you proceed to the vacations, first you need to decide the best summer destination where you can enjoy with your friends the most. Here are a few locations and hot-springs to consider:

   - Sicily and surrounding Islands, Italy

When hitting the roads with friends, do not miss the Islands of Sicily as it has been ranked as one of the best destinations for summers. In particular, the Rabbit Beach is the most famous beach town because of its white sands and clear crystal water. You would need a phrase book as people here are not familiar of English. Travel between the months of June to October to enjoy the most of the warm weather.

   - Railay Beach, Thailand

A beach which one can reach by a boat is not worth missing, right? Visit the best of Thailand, known as the Railay beach which is widely known for the deep blue water and activities offered. There are many hotels and resorts located near the beach as well. Enjoy the swimming by visiting between March and June.

   - Cap Ferret, France

Crystal water, golden sandy beach and peninsula, the Cap Ferret has a lot to offer to their lovers and travelers. For those who wish to sail, windsurf or surf, this is the ideal place for them. You can also explore the lighthouse, ferry terminal and different restaurants and cafes located near Cap Ferret. You can visit the nearby villages and beaches through ferry and car. Travel between June and September.

   - Alanya, Turkey

Turkey is one the most fascinating countries for traveling, without any doubt. While in Turkey, choose to visit the Cleopatra Beach for the best water and waves. The beach is full of facilities for the travelers all around the world. You and your friends can enjoy multiple water sports offered in the clean water of the beach. You can hire sun beds for a soaking and sun tan experience. Travel between the months of June and September to enjoy the water fun.
Excited about the trip? Hold your horses as there is more to come. Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up at an early morning just to reach the airport in advance, getting the cheap tickets as luck and packing your important stuff away for the trip? All of this is the joy of traveling. Depending on the place you choose for traveling, you need to keep the necessary items with you. Here is the packing should go:

Choose the Best Luggage:

The first step of packing for the traveling experience with friends in summers is to choose the best luggage you have. Make sure the luggage you choose is strong and it won’t open easily. Also, the luggage should be water-resistant as you are going to a summer vacations which would involve a lot of water as well. And you would not wish to have water puddle in your luggage in case any liquid item broke. Make sure you keep plastic bags which can be used for multiple benefits during the trip.

Pack the Essential Items

With that said, there must be a lot of things running in your mind as we believe that there are a lot of important things we need to take with us. Packing the right things is important; obviously, you would not want to spend your days with dirty pair of jeans in case you forgot to keep an extra one. Here is a checklist of the mean essential items you need to pack yourself while you kick off the trip with your friends:

   - Toiletries

Would you wish to share a toothbrush with your friend? Certainly not! The things you need keep with you must include

    • Cotton balls
    • Moisturizer
    • Colognes
    • Razor
    • Shaving cream
    • Comb
    • Toothpaste
    • Mouthwash
    • Toothbrush
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
All of these things are extremely important to keep. Make sure you keep them in a plastic bag as they may leak.

- Maps of destination

Maps come in handy when you are visiting a place for the first time. If you are renting a car or are planning to roam around the city with your gang, you must never leave your home without a map in your bag.

- Hot climate essentials

Since you plan on hitting the hot places, remember to take loads of sunscreen with you. Also, keep skin care products as well. If you have any allergies, keep your creams as well. It’s better not to get any nasty burns or skin burns. Keep your sunglasses and hats as well.

- Important documents

For any trip to any location, you must keep your important traveling and legal documents with you. The documents you need to keep must be:
    • Business cards
    • Travelers check
    • Credit cards
    • Health insurance
    • Passports
    • Driver’s license
    • Plan ticket
In case you have made hotel bookings, do keep the reservation documents and confirmation numbers so that they may tally your booking details without any hurdles.

- Communication

While you are away from your family and home, make sure you make communication back home as well. For that, you may need a free international texting app on your smartphone to communicate with your family on regular basis. You can email your folks as well.
Feeling the traveling heat already? Follow this guide to enjoy the most of the vacations you will spend with your friends.


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