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Top 10 International Colleges and Universities where Merit Aid is Easy

September 11, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Scholarships are the dream of every student whether he/she lives in the United States or abroad in any country. It is one of the biggest achievements that any student can be bestowed upon throughout his life for the hard work that they do. It is always a pride to add a scholarship on your CV which you will present when getting your first job.

Of course, there are different types of scholarships, the two most popular of which are need based scholarships or financial aid scholarship, and the other one is Merit Based Scholarship. Need based scholarship is based upon the financial condition of the student, where students are awarded scholarships if their family income is lower than a certain level so that they do not miss out on the chance of acquiring higher education. Merit based scholarship is a scholarship awarded on the base of academic performance and is a great honor for a student to achieve. Below are 10 of the best international universities where merit based scholarships are offered:

1. Washington and Lee University:

This university was founded way back in 1789 and is named after the first President of the United States, George Washington and Robert E Lee, under the presidency of which the university grew into prominence. This university is very famous for common merit based scholarships for hard working international students. Statistics show that nearly 85% international students have been awarded with merit-based scholarships. Such ratios make it a very desirable educational destination for foreign students.

2. Wesleyan University:

This university requires absolutely no introduction whatsoever. It has a large campus that is very fulfilling for students to live in as it gives them a great chance to live in a wonderful community and also has a huge international community of almost 200 students. Out of those students, almost 73.54% students have been given merit based scholarships, which shows that they support deserving international candidates, which is why an application to Wesleyan should be one of your top priorities.

3. University of Richmond:

The University of Richmond is one of the most versatile general private universities in all of the United States. It has nearly 100 undergraduate programs in both majors and minors; it hosts nearly 2800 UG students out of which many are foreign students as well. It has a staggering 8:1 ratio for students to teachers, showing how much attention and time each and every student receives. Out of the total foreign students, nearly 69.93% students are on a merit based scholarship and are fully gaining all the advantages of their academic skills.

4. Gettysburg College:

Established since 1832, this college requires no introduction and is one of the most famous colleges in all of America. With 2600 students on the campus, out of which 1.76% are international students, it has all the big campus resources imaginable such as music conservatory, professional performing arts center, state-of-the-art science center, Eisenhower public policy institute, and brand-new Center for Athletics, Recreation and many more. Out of these international students nearly 75.44% are on a merit based scholarship which is very impressive.

5. St. Lawrence University:

Founded way back in 1856, it is the first constant co-educational university in all of the New York State. The university is especially well renowned for its athletic activities for both men and women and sports based scholarships are also very common around here. Out of the 126 international students on the campus, a staggering 125 are on a merit based scholarship, which is almost 99.21% of the total international students.

6. Grinnel College:

Grinnel College has all the desired facilities that any student would want and is one of the most flourishing international universities of the country. It is host to nearly 1500 students out of which 149 students are international. Out of them nearly 84.66% students have a merit based scholarship of a very high value, thus giving foreign students the opportunity they need to establish themselves in an unknown country.

7. Oberlin College:

This university has given birth to some of the most dedicated students in the United States since 1920. This university has produced more graduates that have gone on to complete their Ph.D. than any other University in the United States. It has a huge 440 acre campus where almost 2700 students study out of which 6.74% are international students which are around 174 in number. Out of them 95% are on merit based scholarships.

8. Franklin and Marshal College:

The Franklin and Marshal College university is home to nearly 2200 students from the US and all around the world, which make up for almost 6.68% of the total strength. Out of these students, almost 86.47% foreign students are on a merit based scholarship.

9. Davidson College:

This university is a very well renowned university for liberal arts and hosts almost 1700 students in its campus. Out of these students, 2.65% are foreign students which numbers to around 48. 82.76% of these foreign students are on a merit based scholarship on behalf of the university.

10. Earlham College:

Started off way back in 1847 and was founded by the religious society of friends (Quakers), Earlham College has been a co-educational college ever since. It has 1200 students at the moment enrolled in different programs of the university out of which more than 18% of the students are international students. Out of them 87.33% are on a merit based scholarship which is an overwhelming number.

These universities are one of the best options that foreign students to study on scholarship in USA. These kinds of educational opportunities broadens the aspects of students and help develop themselves as responsible citizens of the society and serve not only their own country but their Alma Mater as well. You

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