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Want to give your free calling apps a performance boost? Stop killing tasks

September 15, 2014 by Omar Sohail

The Android operating system works very differently than other OS. Find out how to main maintain the speed of the device without causing harm to it.

Did you ever notice how your free calling app’s performance has suddenly degraded over the course of several months? After checking each and everything, ranging from your high speed internet, to your high performing router, isolating the problem right down to your Android smartphone, and you still cannot figure out the problem? To give yourself comfort, you will automatically assign blame to the service coming from the app’s servers. If that gives you comfort, then that is fine, although when isolating the problem, you overlooked one critical detail; the problem actually lies in your negligence.

Stop freeing up memory by killing processes or tasks

Stop Freeing Up Memory By Killing Processes Or Tasks
For users who have a pile of memory freeing and task killing apps installed in their devices, there are two things that you must do. First off, either disable the ‘automatic task killing’ option found in these apps, or uninstall them altogether. Several apps such as Clean Master have this option present to disable killing programs automatically to free up RAM for other programs to use up. Truth is, that the Android operating system has its own automatic Task Manager that allocates the right amount of RAM for apps and programs in order for them to function optimally. If you start killing these programs, then the Task Manager will load these in to RAM once more. The core programs which are bonded to the operating system are not going to go away no matter how much you try to kill them. You will be commended on your tenacity, but at the end of the day, you will cause severe performance degradation to your device, making your apps suffer as well.

What exactly should you do then?

What Exactly Should You Do Then
For starters, stop treating your phone like it is based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. On Windows, programs run much smoother if you have sufficient amounts of RAM left. In the Android operating system; which functions in the completely opposite direction, the more RAM is allocated to your apps, the better they perform. However, if you find that you do not have sufficient RAM available in your phone, then it is time to purchase one that has a minimum amount of 2 GB available. Secondly, if you are going to maintain the usage of apps like Clean Master, then you should do it to clear the cache and delete junk files such as temporary files as they are the ones that slow down your system and fill up your storage capacity. Coming back to free calling apps; if you absolutely must gain a performance boost from these apps, then do not clear the cache of free calling apps. Some apps use the cache to perform faster and boot up earlier and free calling apps happens to be one of them.

If you want to free up RAM, then what exactly must you do?

If You Want To Free Up RAM Then What Exactly Must You Do
If you must absolutely kill the apps that you had opened earlier, then using apps like ‘Clean Master’ is the wrong approach. Instead, tap or hold the button that allows the ‘recent apps’ column to appear and swipe those apps in the left or right direction to free up RAM. Some users have been misled to believe that apps that free up RAM are actually beneficial for a smartphone. In one way, they are. Using them to clear the cache and remove unwanted files is a handy tool to have because these kind of operations can be executed with a single tap of a button.
Now that you know how to increase the performance of your free calling apps, we are confident that you will stop assigning blame to the remaining factors responsible for running such apps.

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