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5 Essential features in VoIP Apps

January 7, 2015 by Soha Naveed

The internet has truly taken place of several facilities that used to be provided on normal bases by other suppliers. It started with newspapers, encyclopedias, and then cameras and now it has even taken over the SIM card of your cell phone.

First it took over messaging with the help of other messenger applications but now it has even taken over phone calls. That has been made possible with the help of VoIP calling (Voice over IP). With the help of this feature, your sound is converted into electrical pulses which is then changed into data packets and is transmitted over an IP address to the destination of your online VoIP call.

Such apps are getting more and more common on several application stores, which is why it is essential to know which features should an application have before you go on to buy it for free or for money.

1.Free of Cost


Free Of Cost


Preferably try to acquire applications that are free. Such applications reduce a lot of initial cost and have many packages that will always be there to help you find the perfect plan which you can use in order to satisfy your calling needs.

2.Call Forwarding


Call Forwarding 1


Secondly, try to make sure that the application that you have has the feature of Call forwarding. Call forwarding is one of the essential features of any VoIP app that is very popular among people. What it does is that it forwards one call over a VoIP to another device such as a cell phone or a landline phone.

This gives you the chance to continue your call whenever you’re out in reach of reliable internet services or any such reason.

3.Audio Conferencing


Audio Conferencing 1


Thirdly, Audio conferencing is a must for any sort of VoIP application. This allows maximum number of call recipients to participate in a call all at once. This allows maximum sharing and this is a feature that has been readily available on SIM cards and that is why it should be available on a decent VoIP application.

4.Call Waiting


Call Waiting 1


Fourthly, call waiting must also be present in such applications. What this feature allows you to do is to attend another call while putting your one already active call on hold this allows you to have more freedom to talk on your application while not disturbing many people or disconnecting some important call at any point of time.

5.Messaging Service


Messaging Service


Last but not the least; a VoIP application must also have a decent messaging service as well which is online and integrated. It should allow users to talk and text all at the same time.

There are several applications available in the market that provide you with such features, such as Viber or Skype, however each of them lacks at least one of the above features, such as Viber lacks call waiting or conferencing.

Skype on the other hand has charges for certain features as well. Yello is an application however that has all the features above and is free of cost completely, something rather rare to find. Therefore, Yello is one highly recommended VoIP application.

VoIP services can be of a lot of benefit when used properly. Make sure the app you go for has the above mentioned features.


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