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Three situations when you should use your VoIP app to call instead of your carrier network

January 14, 2015 by Omar Sohail

The lethal combination that communications and technology bring to the table are responsible for being able to grant us with the feature to make free international calls using VoIP applications to any individual in the world.

Due to the ubiquity of high speed internet, fast mobile carrier networks and the ever proliferation of smartphones and tablets, chances are that the person present at the other end of the globe will easily be able to connect to you through the VoIP app. However, as puzzling as it may seem, smartphone owners continue to use their carrier networks to stay in touch, whether completing the conversation in a matter of minutes or a whole hour.

Using this route is a counter cost-effective way of maintaining communication. That being said, there are certain tasks and situations where the most obvious and resourceful way to maintain communication would be to use a VoIP app. We have outlined three of them.

1. When you have a working WiFi connection

With high speed internet placed at your fingertips, you will need a ridiculous excuse to resort to calling through your carrier network than your VoIP app. Since you are already paying a monthly amount to your service provider, why not get your money’s worth by squeezing out as many VoIP calling sessions as possible.

Whether the person whom you want to talk to is residing in your own backyard, or he’s living on the other corner of the earth, if both of you have a working internet connection, then you should always use it to your advantage.

2. When you want to video chat with the other person

What is the other perk of conversing with your family, friends or neighbors through a VoIP app that cannot be fulfilled using a carrier network? A video call. Today, a VoIP app and its free international calling feature will be incomplete if they are void of a video calling option. Thanks to the flexibility of communication apps, nearly all of them possess this feature, though there are some applications that provide limited functionality to the term ‘video call’.

Regardless, if you have sufficient minutes remaining in the form of credit, save them for a rainy day because nothing can be more personal than having a video call with the other person. While hearing another person’s voice after a really long time might be music to your ears, the delight in seeing another person’s face has its own echelon of happiness.

3. When your monthly costs end up breaking your wallet

Are rising costs tearing a new hole in your bank account? If the answer is yes, then it is time to lift your feet off the throttle, relax, breathe for a few minutes and begin a brainstorming process in which you calculate all of those things that are adding to your cost column.

In this day and age, subscribing to a wireless internet package is mandatory as access to an abounding number of information is present at your fingertips, not to mention the ability to send texts, make voice and video calls using your smartphone application effortlessly.

Will your carrier network be able to provide you with the same features? Then reduce your overall bills by compelling yourself to only use your carrier network when no hotspot connection is available.

With a plethora number of features that VoIP applications bring to the table, including the option to make free international voice or video calls, the above three situations are when youshould continue to use your VoIP applications. If your situation does not fit the description of the aforementioned ones, then you are left with no choice but to resort to your mobile carrier’s network.


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